The hockey players beat Austria 2:1 in the EHCh in Brno, Tomášek decided

The hockey players beat Austria 2:1 in the EHCh in Brno, Tomášek decided

Hokejisté beat Austria 2:1 in EHCh in Brno, Tomášek decided

Czech Republic – Austria, Euro Hockey Challenge, April 29, 2023, Winning Group Arena Brno. Goalkeeper David Kickert from Austria gets a goal.

Brno – Czech hockey players won 2:1 over Austria in Brno and won the sixth game in the Euro Hockey Challenge in the final preparation for the World Championships in Riga and Tampere. After Thursday's 0:6 debacle in Vienna, the Austrians played a much more balanced game. They led from the 8th minute after a goal by defender Steven Strong, but before the middle of the second period, Filip Chlapík equalized in a power play and David Tomášek turned the score around at 51:15.

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Hokejisté beat Austria 2:1 in EHCh in Brno, Tomášek decided< /p>

Hockey players beat Austria 2:1 in the EHCh in Brno, Tomá&scaron decided ;ek

Hokejisté beat Austria 2:1 in EHCh in Brno, Tomášek decided< /p>

Hockey players defeated Austria 2:1 in the EHCh in Brno, Tomá&scaron decided ;ek

The team of coach Kari Jalonen will meet in Brno again on Monday and from Thursday to Sunday will play duels with Finland, Sweden and Switzerland in the general round for the championship at the Czech Games. They will enter the WC on Friday, May 12 in Riga with a match against Slovakia.

Wofl offered the Czech team a power play in the 3rd minute with a foul, but the Austrians had a chance. After Košťálk's hesitation behind the goal, Romig skated in front of Hrubec, but the Czech goalkeeper intervened. Jalonen's team did not use the numerical advantage, because Kickert covered Sobotka's chance and Sedlák did not succeed either. Subsequently, there was a fight between Sobotka and Reinbacher and Kaut and Strong. Immediately, the Austrian goalkeeper intervened even against the lone Flek, who promptly found the German and his shot was blocked by Kickert with his left hand.

At 7:57 a.m. the Austrians, on the other hand, rejoiced at the lead. Neubauer found Strong from the right guard, who beat Hrubec from a position between the circles with a shot on the jumper. Kickert dealt with Tomášk's wound. In the 13th minute, the game was interrupted due to a hole in the ice near the goalpost, and the rest of the first period was completed only after a break, which was extended by another ten minutes due to freezing of the problem area. In the final part of the opening third, Tomášek had another chance, but Kickert intervened again.

After the change of sides, the Czechs created an onslaught, Hyka tried to equalize, and when Nickl was sent off, Sedlák or Chlapík. On the other hand, Nickl missed from a three-to-one renumbering after returning from the penalty box and then failed alone in front of Hrubec Feldner. Not even Kučeřík managed to equalise, who shot over after Tomášek's pass.

The loss was erased by Jalonen's selection in the 28th minute on the power play when Kraus was sent off. After the combination of Lence and Černoch, Chlapík hit the exposed part of the goal near the near post from the right circle. The Austrians didn't make it through Beránek's penalty and were then held by Kickert. Hyka wrecked on him and during a one-minute five-on-three power play after fouls by Ganahl and Kirchschläger, he deflected Sedlák's shot and made another great save on Chlapík's stop.

Right at the beginning of the third part, Chlapík had another opportunity, but the Austrians continued to resist. They defended themselves even during Schwinger's stay on the penalty bench. Tomášek and Šcotek then had other good shooting positions, who did not score, but made up for it in the 52nd minute. Ščotka found Tomášek ideally in front of the goal area and this time Kickert capitulated.

When Košťálk was sent off, the Austrians did not succeed, on the contrary, Sedlák had a chance after Flek's pass in a weakened position. The situation did not change in the final power play of the Austrians.

Czech Republic – Austria 2:1 (0:1, 1:0, 1:0)

Goals and assists: 28. Chlapík (Černoch, Lenc), 52. Tomášek (Ščotka, L. Sedlák) – 8. Strong (Neubauer, Ganahl). Referee: Jeřábek, Hejduk – Lhotský, J. Svoboda. Exclusion: 4:8. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 3392.

Czech Republic: Hrubec – Kempný, S. Svozil, Košťálek, T. Dvořák, Ščotka, Jordán, Kučerík, Němeček – Tomášek, Sobotka, Clapík – Hyka, L. Sedlák, M. Kaut – Lenc, M. Kovařčík, Flek – O. Beránek, Černoch, H. Zohorna. Coach: K. Jalonen.

Austria: Kickert – Reinbacher, Strong, Zündel, Lindner, Nickl, B. Wolf, Kirchschläger, Wimmer – Neubauer, Haudum, Ganahl – Thaler, Baltram, Huber – Feldner, Achermann, Schwinger – Kraus, Maxa, Romig. Coach: Bader.