The hockey players of Finland defeated the Swiss in Zurich, Oksanen decided the raids

The hockey players of Finland defeated the Swiss in Zurich, Oksanen decided the raids


Hockey. Illustrative photo.

Zurich – Finland's ice hockey players defeated Switzerland 6:5 in the match of the Swedish Games in Zurich after separate raids. The reigning world champions were losing 3:5 in the second period, but they managed to equalise, and the former Hradec Králové extra-league player Ahti Oksanen decided their victory in the raids. The twenty-nine-year-old attacker was also among the scorers in the regular season. Tommi Tikka scored two goals and assisted the Finnish win. On Saturday in Malmö, the Northerners will be the second Czech opponent in the third tournament of the Euro Hockey Tour series.

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The visiting Tikka, who took advantage of the activity of the fourth Finnish attack, was the first to make a breakthrough in the Swiss Life Arena in the 6th minute. 17 seconds later, however, Kemiläinen was sent off and the Swiss took advantage of the first power play. Hischier took care of the equalizer with a precise shot under the top bar.

The home team were more active with shots, but they took the lead only 14 seconds after the start of the second period, when Thürkauf scored. Aaltonen could equalize, but the start of the second half belonged to the Swiss. Meyer added the third goal and Knak the fourth. Coach Fischer's men needed 3 minutes and 53 seconds to score three goals.

However, the Finns got knocked from an unpleasant direct and Ruotsalainen reduced the score to 2:4 in the 26th minute. The Swiss were then forced to make a goalkeeper change, and Waeber was replaced by Nyffeler. Oksanen beat him in the 36th minute on the power play. But he corrected it to 3:5, because even before that, Fora had prevailed in a weakened state.

The final third belonged to the Northerners. In the 42nd minute, Eronen reduced and even then Larmi had more work to do than Swiss goalkeeper Nyffeler. He was able to hold his team several times, but in the end he conceded. The Finns played a power game, in addition, they called off the goalkeeper, and in a six-on-four game, Tikka came through for the second time.

The Swiss were not able to score full points in this season's EHT even on the seventh attempt. In raids, their loss was decided by the only successful executor Oksanen.

Swedish hockey games, part of the Euro Hockey Tour:

Switzerland – Finland 5:6 after sam. rent (1:1, 4:2, 0:2 – 0:0)

Goals and assists: 7. Hischier (Riedi), 21. Thürkauf (Herzog), 24. Meyer, 25. Knak (Bader), 34. Fora (Knak) – 6. Tikka (Kuokkanen, Ikonen), 26. Ruotsalainen (Oksanen), 36. Oksanen (Innala), 42. Eronen (Tikka), 58. Tikka (Aaltonen) , Oksanen's decisive raid. Referees: Jeřábek, Ondráček (both Czech) – Cattaneo, Schlegel (both Swiss). Exclusion: 3:3. Usage: 1:2. In weakening: 1:0. Viewers: 6623.


Switzerland: Waeber (31. Nyffeler) – Fora, Frick, Vouardoux, Müller, Bichsel, Geisser, Aebischer – Herzog, Thürkauf, Zehnder – Künzle, Jäger, Hischier – Miranda, Schmid, Eggenberger – Knak, Bader, Riedi – Meyer. Coach: Patrick Fischer.

Finland: Larmi – Kemiläinen, Riikola, Saarijärvi, Lindbohm, Matinpalo, Niku, Eronen, Pulli – Aaltonen, Kossila, Sallinen – Ruotsalainen, Jääskä, Oksanen – Ojamäki, Leino, Innala – Ikonen, Tikka, Kuokkanen. Coach: Mikko Manner.

Tournament table:

1. Finland 1 0 1 0 0 6:5 2
2. Czech Republic 1 0 1< /td>

0 0 2:1 2
3.< /td>

Switzerland 1 0 0 1 0 5:6 1
4. Sweden 1 0 0 1 0 1:2 1

EHT table:

1. Sweden 7 2 3 1 1 20 :14 13
2. Czech Republic 7 3 1 1 2 15:17 12
3. Finland 7 2 1 2 2 23:22 10
4. Switzerland 7 0 2 3 2 17:22 7