The inauguration of Petr Pavel was recorded by world press agencies

>> which newly elected President Petr Pavel made a promise to the President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčilo (ODS), March 9, 2023, Vladislavský Hall, Prague Castle.

Prague – The news about today's inauguration of Petr Pavel as President of the Czech Republic appeared in a number of Western media, especially in the service of news agencies, whose texts were taken over by other newsrooms. They recall Pavlo's victory over the “populist” Andrej Babiš and also the departure of Miloš Zeman, who, according to them, divided Czech society. Zeman's tenure is analyzed in more detail, for example, by the Polish agency PAP, which also pointed to the ex-president's departure from Russia in light of Moscow's aggression in Ukraine.

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The inauguration of Petr Pavel was recorded by worldé pressé agencies

p>Peter Pavel's inauguration was recorded by worldé pressé agencies

The inauguration of Peter Paul was recorded by world press agencies

Shortly after Pavel took the presidential oath at Prague Castle, Reuters, AP, AFP and Bloomberg published reports on this topic. The texts then appeared on the websites of The Washington Post and The Guardian or on the website of the radio station Radio France Internationale.

Agency reports recalled Pavlov's military past, and from his political program, they mainly emphasize support for Ukraine and a promise to work for the unification of society . AFP describes him, among other things, as a “war hero”, referring to a 1993 operation in which he helped rescue French soldiers from Serbian encirclement during the Bosnian war.

In a relatively comprehensive report, AP also notes the “unexpected” moment of the inauguration, during which Pavel unveiled the presidential standard stolen in 2015 by the Ztohoven group on the balcony of the Castle. “It was stolen from the roof of the Castle by an artistic group, who replaced it with a giant piece of men's underwear. The shorts were meant to symbolize Zeman's close relations with Russia and China, and subsequently became a symbol of criticism of his tenure,” AP writes.

“In “In many evaluations of Zeman's ten-year period as president, it is most often emphasized that he contributed to the creation of sharp contradictions in Czech society. He was accused of going beyond the letter of the constitution or balancing on its edge,” wrote the Polish agency PAP. She also recalled Zeman's sharp vocabulary used against political opponents and journalists. Zeman was also a supporter of the Visegrád Four, which together with the Czech Republic consists of Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and “all-round politics”; according to critics, it ended with the support of Russia and China, while Zeman ended with Russia after the attack on Ukraine, PAP adds. Courier.