The Iranian revolutionary guard has said it is ready to attack the US and Israel

Иранская революционная гвардия заявила о готовности атаковать США и Израиль

The guard can hit the United States and Israel, “it’s warranted”

The head of the elite revolutionary guard, Iran’s major General Hossein Salami threatened with a willingness to attack the United States and Israel. He stated this at a ceremony marking the 40th day since the death of the Supreme commander of the Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC) Kassem Suleimani, according to Reuters.

Salami said that his guard can hit the United States and Israel, “it’s warranted”.

“If you make the slightest mistake, we will stagger both of you,” said major General Salami.

RBC-Ukraine wrote that on January 3, the US launched an airstrike on the convoy of General Soleimani in close proximity to the airport of Baghdad. Killing the commander of the elite Iranian special forces and seven members. Trump said that Soleimani was “the number one terrorist in the world.”

In response, Iran January 9, conducted an attack on American bases in Iraq. On the night of 7 to 8 January 2020 the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps fired at US base in Iraq.

Recall that Iran has threatened decisive action Israel because of the attacks of militias in Syria that are supported by Tehran.

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