The kid hugged the pizza delivery guy who had just lost a daughter

The kid hugged the pizza delivery guy who had just lost a daughter Author: Ilona Faure video news USA Rhode island Малыш обнял доставщика пиццы, который только что потерял дочь

A surveillance camera at a home in West Warwick (Rhode island) captured a touching moment: as a 2-year-old boy runs outside and suddenly hugs the pizza guy. The child’s mother, Lindsay Sewed, shared the video in social networks — not knowing how much this gesture meant to the man.

Most recently, Ryan Catterson suffered a terrible loss. His 16-year-old daughter, who lived in California with her mother and a long time suffering from mental health problems, suddenly died.

Ryan was beside himself with grief, and only a week later when I delivered orders, for the first time in a long time felt better — thanks to young Shiel.

“The story so touched me. — recalls the unexpected hug of Catterson — For a second I thought my daughter again next. It meant a lot”.

“Hard to realize that I’ll never hug her again.”

The former wife of Ryan and mother of the dead girl, Daniel McCord, admits that she, too, was moved by the act of the child.

“It’s very easy not to notice the pain others are experiencing. — said Daniel — Even we were not able to see the pain our daughter. I am grateful that someone noticed, as suffering [Ryan], and supported him.”

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