The koruna weakened against the euro and strengthened slightly against the dollar, the Prague stock exchange fell

The koruna weakened against the euro and strengthened slightly against the dollar, the Prague stock exchange fell

The koruna weakened against the euro and rose slightly against the dollar, the Prague stock market fell< /p> Euro, dollar and crown – illustration photo.

Prague – Today, the Czech currency weakened slightly against the euro and slightly strengthened against the dollar. Against the last close, the koruna lost one penny against the euro and traded today at an average of 23.72 CZK/EUR. Against the dollar, the koruna improved by four pennies to 22.19 CZK/USD. This follows from the data published today at 17:00 by the server Patria Online.

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The koruna weakened slightly against the euro today, slightly strengthened against the dollar

The koruna has been steadily strengthening against the euro since around mid-November. In the middle of last week, it reached the exchange rate of CZK 23.64/EUR, making it the strongest against the euro since the end of July 2008. However, it weakened over the next two days. And it's losing slightly even at the beginning of this week.

According to analyst Markéta Šichtařová, the comments of Czech National Bank Deputy Governor Jan Frait are fading in the market. “He would be very cautious about promising a rapid drop in interest rates and perceives the possible reluctance of the main central banks to go higher with rates as a scarecrow. In the long term, he prefers to keep rates at levels higher than inflation or income growth. He perceives the strong koruna positively and the commitment to prevent excessive koruna fluctuations according to him, it does not play such a role at the moment, the problem is more psychological,” the analyst reminds. As a result, analysts continue to expect the Czech National Bank's interest rates to stagnate. According to Šichtařová, it will also be important whether CNB Governor Aleš Michl receives a top secret security clearance. The deadline for its assignment passed this week, comments the analyst.

The Prague Stock Exchange fell for the fourth time in a row, once again mainly CEZ shares lost

The Prague Stock Exchange weakened for the fourth time in a row, the PX index fell by 1.42 percent to 1379.34 points today. The shares of the energy company ČEZ lost significantly again. However, Erste Bank and Moneta Money Bank also ended up in the red. It follows from the data of the stock exchange website.

“Overall, activity on the market was lower, which was due to the closure of overseas markets due to the holiday,” said Fio bank's broker Josef Dudek. The volume of business reached approximately 458 million crowns. Of this, more than two thirds were procured by ČEZ securities. They became cheaper by 3.38 percent to 958 crowns. “Almost a third of today's volume was traded at this level in the final auction,” noted broker Wood & Company Vladimír Vávra.

Austrian issues were not successful either. Erste Bank wrote off 1.75 percent to 844 crowns and insurance company VIG worsened by 2.3 percent to 594 crowns. Moneta shares fell by 0.92 percent to CZK 85.90. From the financial sector, only Komerční banka ended up in profit, which appreciated by 0.61 percent to 746 crowns.

There were fewer profitable titles today. Securities of the pharmaceutical chain Pilulka Lékárny strengthened by 0.74 percent to 685 crowns. Tobacco company Philip Morris CR added 0.23 percent to 17,260 crowns. Shares of beverage company Kofola also avoided losses when they stagnated at 246 crowns.

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