The last farewell to the actress Hloužková will take place in a close circle

The last farewell to the actress Hloužková will take place in a close circle

The last farewell to the actress Hlužková will take place in a circle

Illustrative photo – Actress Ivana Hloužková received the Alfréd Radok Award for 2012 in the female acting category for the role of Miroslav Tichý in the play Tichý Tarzan in Brno's Goose on a String Theater on March 3rd in Prague.

Brno – The last farewell to award-winning actress Ivana Hloužková, who died on Monday, will take place in a close circle of family and friends. The Goose on a String home theater will honor her memory on Friday with a performance of Don Quixote, in which Hloužková originally played the role of Dulcinea. After the performance, there will be a place to lay flowers or light a candle in the courtyard of the theater from 10 p.m. On Sunday, April 23, the theater intends to dedicate a separate memorial evening to Hložková, Nikol Hlávková said today for the ensemble.

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Sixty-two-year-old Hloužková was one of the mainstays of the Geese on a String for four decades. She played roles in more than 130 productions. She was the winner of two Alfréd Radok Awards, the Theater Critic Award and the City of Brno Award. According to the theater's artistic director Martin Sládeček, he entered the stage with Hložkova's feeling for exaggeration, the grotesqueness of human existence and for theater with a capital D.

“She was phenomenally uncompromising with herself and generous with others. Devoted to the theater and the audience. Brave and tenacious. With proud humility and humble pride of her own. She was the heart of Provázek, beating loudly for others. The memory of its beating remains and binds everyone who was lucky enough to know Ivan,” Sládeček said today.

The native of Valtice joined the theater after the conservatory in 1981. She played dramatic or character roles, as well as comedic characters. She received the Alfréd Radok Award for the role of Maryši in 1995 and then for the best female performance in 2012 as the photographer Miroslav Tiché in the production Tichý Tarzan. She won the theater critic's award for her role as Emma in the production Fear to Eat the Soul, which she staged in 2017 at the National Theater in Brno.