The last of us: the number of chapters the series will have is confirmed

The last of us: the number of chapters the series will have is confirmed

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The last of us: the number of chapters the series will have is confirmed

The last of us is considered one of the best video games in history. Created by Naughty Dog, the story introduces us to Joel and Ellie, two survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.

Due to the success of the video game, HBO confirmed at the end of 2019 a series that will adapt the title and that will be produced by Craig Mazin, showrunner of Chernobyl.

The little that is known about the series is that Mazin has written the script with Neil Druckmann, director of the Naughty Dog game, and that the fiction will adapt the story of the first video game.

Now, Mazin was encouraged to share the number of episodes that the season will have, which will have 10 chapters. The announcement was made on the Scriptnotes podcast, while the information was spread by the Twitter account @LastofNoticias.

The last of us has only been confirmed to have one season. Photo: Twitter / @ LastofNoticias

The last of us actors

Pedro Pascal will play Joel, while Bella Ramsey will play Ellie. They are both remembered for their roles on the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

The latest addition was that of Gabriel Luna, who will play Tommy, Joel’s brother. The series so far has three of the most important and remembered characters from The last of us.

What is the story of The last of us about?

The plot centers on the relationship between Joel, a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a teenage girl who may hold the key to a deadly pandemic cure. Joel is hired to escort the 14-year-old out of a quarantine zone.

At the moment the following is known:

  • Johan Renck and Craig Mazin, creators of the Chernobyl series, will be in charge of the adaptation with Neil Druckman.
  • The series will not be the same as the video game, but it will respect its essence.
  • Druckman, current Naughty Dog co-chair and original creator of the game, will also serve as executive producer.
  • Gustavo Santolalla, who was in charge of the remembered musicalization of the entire saga of the game, will return to do the same job.
  • Kantemir Balagov would be the director of the pilot of the series.