The last Zlín beat Bohemians 4:1, they lose three points to Pardubice

Last time Zlín beat Bohemians 4:1, losing three points to Pardubice< /p> Match of the 29th round of the first football league: Trinity Zlín – Bohemians Prague 1905, April 26, 2023, Zlín. From left, Lukáš Hůlka from Bohemians and Tom Slončík from Zlín.

Prague – The footballers of the last Zlín won in the 29th round of the first league over Bohemians 1905 4:1. Tom Slončík scored two home goals, Vukadin Vukadinovič and Robert Hrubý added other goals. Substitute David Puškáč reduced the score to 1:2 for “Klokans”.

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Zlín won in the top competition after three defeats, Pardubice is still losing three points before Sunday's final round of the regular season. The people of Prague lost for the second time in a row by three goals, but still kept fourth place with a two-point lead over fifth-placed Slovácko.

The home team needed a win to boost their survival hopes, but the start did not suggest that. The tempo of the match was controlled by the guests, who combined well and got within range of the home goal, which was defended by Dostál instead of Rakovan for the first time in the spring. In the 19th minute, he eliminated Bohemians with the first clear chance when, after Matoušek's action, he reflexively pulled Hála's shot into the corner. Zlín lacked the idea of ​​how to get behind the opponent's defense, his attempts to penetrate in front of Jedlička were rather rare.

Nevertheless, the home team took the lead after half an hour. Procházk's cross bounced on the edge of the penalty area, from where Slončík fired it into the net and scored the first goal in his eighth league match.

The picture of the game did not change after the first goal, even after the break, after which Bohemians made three substitutions. The guests continued their onslaught, in the 49th minute Matoušek shot just past.

However, one exemplary break was enough for the home team to increase their lead. Hrubý sent the Serb Vukadinović into it, who fired a shot at Jedlička and thus celebrated his 200th game in the Czech league in style.

It was a signal for Zlín to exercise maximum caution in defense, yet in the 67th minute substitute Puškáč made a close-range shot. However, the “Shoes” survived the critical moment and three minutes later, after a pass from Slončík, Hrubý sent the ball under the crossbar. The Zlín team was happy about the league win for only the second time in the last ten games. The “kangaroos” lost in the top competition in Zlín after twenty years and nine duels.

Votes after the match:

Pavel Vrba (Zlín): “Rather than the match, I evaluate our overall situation. We are always playing for as many points as possible so that our position in the superstructure is as acceptable as possible. If we had not managed the match today, our situation would have been very difficult. But we won three important points, the football was not bad, the opponent he pushed us after our goals and in my opinion the third goal decided it. Then we got space and scored the fourth goal as well. It is very important for us, Boleslav is waiting for us and any point gain would be an encouragement for us going into the superstructure.”

< p>Jaroslav Veselý (Bohemians 1905):“The evaluation is simple, when you concede four goals, you can't talk about a good performance. The first goal in our net was very decisive, until then we were optically better, but there was a lack of emotion, it looked like we just came to play. We should have there were a lot of losses, our efforts ended before the goal. You could tell from the home team that they were under a big blanket. I don't understand our first goal, we gave them away. Our losses were coming, we had a certain chance at 2:1, but again we got a simple goal. We didn't allow ourselves even this little drama. Everything was wrong today, I wasn't happy with anything, I'm not going to accept that, we're losing the credit we've built up. If the players are bound by some idea of ​​Europe, then let's stop dreaming about it. S it would be better not to play Europe like that, we would just embarrass ourselves there.”

Trinity Zlín – Bohemians Prague 1905 4:1 (1:0)

Goals: 31. and 90.+4. Slončík, 53. Vukadinović, 71. Hrubý – 68. Puskáč. Referees: Černý – Hájek, Dresler – Adámková (video). ŽK: Hlinka, Kozák, Procházka, Cedidla – M. Dostál. Audience: 3133.

Zlín: S. Dostál – Cedidla, Simerský, Kolář, Procházka – Hlinka (60. Didiba), Hrubý – Vukadinovič (85. Reiter), Slončík, Fantiš (73. Dramé) – Goat (85. Balaj). Coach: Vrba.

Bohemians: Jedlička – Hůlka, Křapka (63. Drchal), Vondra – Köstl (46. Kovařík), Beran, Jindřišek (46. Jánoš), M. Dostál – Matoušek (79. Necid), Hála – Prekop (46. Puškáč). Coach: Happy.