The leaders of the film “Cesar” resigned after the scandal with Director Roman Polanski

Руководители кинопремии "Сезар" уволились после скандала с режиссером Романом Полански

Leadership, which has established the prestigious French film award “Cesar”, resigned in full force. The reason for this decisive step was the scandal with film Director Roman Polanski “an officer and a spy”, which this year was nominated in 12 categories.

As the publication Deadline, the leadership of the French Academy of cinema arts and decided to resign immediately after the annual film award “Cesar”, which will take place on February 28. This decision leaders of the industry said on February 13.

The official noted that the act should not be viewed as “a sign of respect to those who created the movie in 2019”. The organizers believe that it will satisfy the demands of the public and allow the ceremony, “Cesar” to be a real celebration of cinema.

On such step the management of the French Academy of arts and cinema decided because of the numerous resonant scandals that have been associated with the creative work of film Director Roman Polanski. The greatest criticism was the fact that his painting “Officer and a spy” was presented in 12 nominations “Cesar”. The society is opposed to reward a fugitive and a rapist.

In addition, the césar award received accusations of elitism and gender inequality, because 65% of the jury – men. Then the management announced the intention to upgrade the system, however, it seems that this responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the new members of the French Academy of arts and cinema.

In his 86 years, Roman Polanski was repeatedly involved in scandals. He was found guilty of molesting a 13-year-old Samantha Gamer, and in November this year French actress Valentine Monnier admitted that he was the victim of sexual violence in 18 years. The Director managed to avoid punishment by offering amount of $ 4.5 million, which is about 110 million.

An officer and a spy: watch video

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