The man was arrested because he threw nails on the streets

The man was arrested because he threw nails on the streets of the city Author: Victoria Semenova, “the Night the Nailer” was arrested after two years of criminal activities Photo: Clackamas County Jail crime news, United States police Oregon United States Мужчину арестовали за то, что он разбрасывал гвозди по улицам города

February 12, a man was arrested who deliberately throwing nails on the streets more than four dozen times. The offender was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

The district court Clackamas County sentenced the 57-year-old Bret Michael Wilson, whom police dubbed “the Night the Nailer” to pay $ 2,500 in compensation, after the criminal acts that he did for two years. The purpose of the “Nailer” was the drivers, which, in his opinion, violated the rules of the road.

“For many years, he was a threat to Oregon,” – said Prosecutor Bryan Brock. “The police lived in constant irritation.”

From 2017 to the Oregon state police received more than 60 calls with complaints about the pest, after which the police was organized under surveillance and arrested Wilson in October. When it was discovered a new box of roofing nails, which the offender used for their business.

“We’ve been looking for it for a very long time. He did it occasionally – it was very inconsistent.” – the captain said Shawn Davis, an officer of the police Department of Oregon.

Wilson committed his crimes after sunset, in order to avoid detection by their victims – rude drivers who, he believed, drove a car wrong. He told the police that he bought a bucket of nails for $ 40 at the hardware store outside of town, in order to avoid surveillance. He spent about a bucket per month.

During its activities, the pest brought a lot of trouble to drivers, damaging a lot of tires, but luckily no one was hurt physically. According to the Prosecutor, it was a form of anger management for Wilson, which made him feel better. He called his operation “Random acts of kindness”.

Last month, he pleaded guilty to one charge of committing a crime and four counts of disorderly conduct. After Wilson served a sentence, he will pass a mental health assessment and coaching on anger management. He is also forbidden to drink alcohol.

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