The mega gathering for Salmo’s concert in Olbia and the mystery of the funds “for Sardinia”

The mega gathering for Salmo’s concert in Olbia and the mystery of the funds “for Sardinia”

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The mega gathering for Salmo’s concert in Olbia and the mystery of the funds “for Sardinia”

Last night in Olbia at least ten thousand people attended a live by Salmo crowded under the stage, without distance, without masks, without pad and without Green Pass. For the mayor of the city – against any evidence – “it was not a concert”, for the Sardinian rapper: “in August the center is always crowded. The gatherings created by the European final were fine, my free concert was not ”. There is a third option: neither the gatherings for the final nor those for your concert were good. Also because this is not the story of the pirate concert of an artist who defines himself with balls because he broke all the rules. This is the story of an artist who didn’t have the balls to say I do a concert not caring about Covid, the health of my fans and all my colleagues who have been on their knees for a year (i.e. those who cannot afford the holidays in Costa). But he whispered I do a concert to help the Sardinians affected by the fires of July 24, without actually being able to make donations during the live.

It all starts on July 26 when Salmo publishes a post on Instagram: “I would like to organize a concert in Sardinia that is completely free for people who were unable to come to the live yesterday. I’m willing to get arrested just to play live ”. Yesterday’s live to which he refers is the Water World Music Festival: the musician performed – together with Coez, Lazza and Bob Sinclair, among others – on a floating stage installed in the waters of the Costa Smeralda, off the Marina di Cala dei Sardi. The concert could only be attended aboard about 200 rubber dinghies, sailing boats, exclusive private rooms, motorboats and vintage sailing ships but the tickets were certainly costly, starting from 200 euros per person.

In this first post published by Salmo there is no reference to the fires that two days earlier devastated the Sardinian region of Montiferru and the reference to the free event in the program suggests that his intent is to offer a chance to see him sing from the I also live for fans who have not been able to afford the super exclusive and economically prohibitive floating concert for many.

After a while, however, Lebonwski (this is his nickname on social networks) publishes a video in which he speaks of the countries devastated by flames, of families in difficulty, of the shepherds who have lost their livestock and therefore their jobs: the montiferrini, he tells his followers , “They need us, they need a hand. So I would say to do this: we organize a completely free live and a fundraiser on the internet, to help these people. I don’t know when we will be able to organize this live – he concludes – and I don’t even know if they will allow it, but we will do it anyway. I’ll warn you when it can happen ”.

Clearly in times of pandemic, with Sardinia again on the brink of the yellow zone, the live concert sector necessarily subjected to very stringent rules especially since the mandatory Green Pass came into force, no one is surprised that beyond of the best intentions a live cannot be organized overnight. Yet, within two weeks Salmo announces with another post on Instagram that the date of the free live in Sardinia is that of August 13th even if the place and time will be communicated only on the same day. There is no reference, again, to solidarity, to Montiferru, to fires. There is only the will to perform for free live at the cost of being arrested, as promised in the first post that nothing had to do with charity.

The location is secret and will remain secret, that is, it will never be communicated on the official channels, but already from the evening of August 12, Thursday, thanks to word of mouth many know that Salmo will perform in Olbia. And in fact on the 13th, at lunchtime, at the foot of the Majestic Ferris Wheel there is a large stage that has already been assembled and is ready to welcome the event. Impossible not to see, not to hear, not to know. Yet the mayor of the city, Settimo Nizzi, today declares that he knows nothing and that he has neither seen nor heard anything.

“We have not issued any authorization, they have done this independently.” So anyone who wants to organize a concert in Olbia can set up a stage at night and perform in the center without the municipal administration being aware of it and no one batting an eyelid? The mayor’s position is clear, in its ambiguity: “Last night in Olbia they did some music, not a concert”.

But the mayor relieves his council from any responsibility by also adding that that of the Ferris wheel is a state-owned area granted for use by the Municipality which, however, only deals with the maintenance of the green while the authorizations for the use of the spaces are dealt with by the Harbor Master’s Office. . Nizzi, who defines my interview as an interrogation, reiterates several times: “Nobody told me there had to be a concert”. Then of course, “the gatherings are to be condemned and we must keep our distance”, but regarding the thousands of young people crowded last night in Olbia to attend the Salmo show without the slightest respect for anti-Covid rules, the mayor clarifies that “outdoors masks must not be worn, the law says so “. On the other hand, “there was no concert”.

Instead the concert was there, and how if there was. Dozens of videos and photographs testify to this. And many say they literally barricaded themselves at home last night in Olbia, because “the center was a delusion, with thousands of people, especially very young people, who came from all over Sardinia to attend the exhibition”. In the chats of the Olbia boys there is also a rumor – all to be confirmed – that at that concert there were boys who underwent a swab this morning and tested positive. But as we have now understood – obviously not all – the effects of last night on the infections we will know them only in a few days.

What can certainly be said today is that Salmo actually made contact, in the aftermath of the fires, with some mayors of the municipalities of Montiferru affected by the fires. To express his solidarity and to make himself available, but no one in these parts knew anything about the Olbia concert, whose main purpose should have been to raise funds for the affected areas.

The second certain thing is that it is not clear to anyone how last night’s live was useful to raise funds: the concert was free but 150 kilometers from the disaster sites, so it was certainly not designed to give to those affected. , and to the shepherds left without grazing, and to the farmers struggling with a black desert, an evening of leisure. On the other hand, those who participated could not contribute to the solidarity campaign, because – in fact – admission was free, while about the online fundraising, twelve hours from the live, nothing is known yet, there is no reference web address and no one has provided indications in this regard.

The third certain thing is that the place and time of the live have never been formalized not to contain the number of participants and to allow safe management of the event from a health point of view, but because the municipal administration of Olbia, and the forces of the Order, and the Captaincy, should not take any responsibility but could simply turn a blind eye. Because it is unreasonable to think that no one realized that a stage was being set up since yesterday morning and that there would be a concert and that access to the event would not be regulated in any way, and that thousands of people would participate. without distancing and without the obligation of a Green Pass, as the law requires all other operators in the entertainment and live music sector to guarantee the safety of spectators.

What happened should create more than a few embarrassments in Olbia, where no one intervened before, during or even after to protect public health, but the most shameful aspect remains having used the drama experienced by the inhabitants of Montiferru to set this up. circus. In the end, in addition to the Ferris wheel, there was already a giant elephant parked under no parking conditions with the approval of the traffic police. Wasn’t that enough? Was it really necessary to exhibit the evacuees of the fire that burned entire villages and hectares of forest, turning from an artist into a clown like monkeys?

Finally, Salmo specifies in this regard: “Yesterday there was no fundraising, I put the money in my pocket to help Sardinia”. To your knowledge: today in Cuglieri, the country most affected by the fire, there are 5 Covid outbreaks and a very long line at the pharmacy for tampons. Everything is held, to put out a fire you cannot throw gasoline into the ground next to it.

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