The member of ANO was affected by health indispositions, he did not finish the performance

The member of ANO was affected by health indispositions, he did not finish the performance

houses of parliament – illustrative photo.

Prague – ANO Member of Parliament Milan Wenzl began to collapse early this evening on his way to the podium. After being helped back to his feet by other MPs, he insisted on his speech, finally ended it prematurely after persuading his colleagues and excused himself from the rest of today's session. ANO Member of Parliament Roman Kubíček then announced from the rostrum that his colleague had been taken into the care of a doctor and that he was fine. He thanked the MPs from the government coalition who helped Wenzl.

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Wenzl fell to his knees, from this position the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) was among the first to help him, followed by other deputies. “If, Mr. Deputy, you are not feeling well, you can speak later,” offered Wenzl the Speaker of the Chamber Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09), but the ANO deputy refused.

In a prepared speech, the deputy indicated the government's proposal to reduce June valorization of pensions as unconstitutional and antisocial. “This is a procedure really worthy of a good man from Dobrák, who claimed not long ago that he wanted to be the social conscience of the coalition,” Wenzl said in Jureček's address. The deputy's voice gradually became heavier, which other lawmakers watched with concern.

Kubíček approached the lectern with the Deputy Speaker of the Chamber Jan Bartošek (KDU-ČSL). “Come sit down, that wouldn't go well,” the House microphone recorded. Wenzl also signed up to four of his amendments to the government's pension proposal and left the lectern accompanied.

Kubíček specifically thanked Pekarová Adamová, whose manner of managing the meeting was criticized by ANO and SPD MPs, Bartošek and also Jan Bureš (ODS). “They are really not machines for politics and presenting laws. And thank you for that,” said Kubíček. At his call, the deputies rewarded the help with applause.

The Seznam Zprávy server reported last August that Wenzl had to withdraw from political positions in 2021 due to a serious illness, doctors diagnosed him with leukemia. “My bone marrow was successfully applied and the associate professor told me that I am basically healthy. I just have to be careful in places with a higher concentration of people. That's why I will go to the Chamber of Deputies wearing a respirator,” he told the Wenzl server at the time.