The memory of the Drake / Enzo Ferrari, the last farewell

The memory of the Drake / Enzo Ferrari, the last farewell

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The memory of the Drake / Enzo Ferrari, the last farewell

[14 agosto, anniversario della scomparsa di Enzo Ferrari] Among the people closest to him was his son Piero, then the one that Ferrari called “the sheet beater”, Sergio Scaglietti. The other great friend was Carlo Benzi, “the accountant” who has followed the Drake since the beginning of the business. Enzo Ferrari had also foreseen an invitation to his own funeral for Mauro Forghieri, but that 14 August 1988 the engineer was far from Italy.

Through the story of these characters, having been among the figures closest to the great Modenese manufacturer, perhaps one can have an answer on Ferrari’s last will, which I interpret as desire not to let the media know the date for the last farewell, because the “Commendatore” had the complex of journalists. Enzo Ferrari believed that the journalist had the power, the real one, in his own hands and consequently could be stronger than him, even though he was already a myth at the time. A living myth.

The Drake had a passion for journalism, an activity he had carried out as a young man, writing about sports news, about football, for The Gazzetta di Modena. I am convinced that Enzo Ferrari, the only profession he envied, was precisely that of the journalist. Another Ferrari regret was that he was not an engineer, despite having received two degrees honoris causa.

Another aspect that intrigues me is that of being able to imagine what would Enzo Ferrari do today, if he were alive, in this Formula 1, with these regulations, in the situation we live in today where the pilots have taken over the masters of the cabin. The “Commendatore” was jealous of his condition and his role, considering the drivers a “useful accessory”, because the focus of the whole “Ferrari system” was the car.

Ezio Zermiani

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