The MHA manga will return this week |  Atomix

The MHA manga will return this week | Atomix

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The MHA manga will return this week |  Atomix

By Sebastian Quiroz
09/13/2021 3:59 pm

Last week, many of us were looking forward to the arrival of chapter 326 of the manga of My hero academia. However, Shueisha, publisher of this work, surprised us by revealing that Kōhei Horikoshi, creator of Deku and company, could not deliver the episode that many wanted to read, this to take care of their health. Although at the time it was not confirmed when the mangaka would return to action, today it has been ensured that the wait will not be so long.

Through a statement in Weekly Shonen Jump, and translated by a Twitter user, Chapter 326 of My hero academia It will premiere on September 18. Those who read this work for free and legally in Manga Plus will be able to enjoy this episode on Friday, September 17. This was what was commented on the matter:

“Due to the creator’s health, My Hero Academia is having a break on this issue. We apologize to all readers who were looking forward to it. My Hero Academia is included in the survey postcard for this issue, but that’s because we couldn’t edit it in time. We’re sorry. We hope the next chapter will be part of the [Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 42], which will be released on September 18. We continue to count on their support for the series ”.

The manga is preparing to enter the next phase of its latest story.. With Deku finally getting some rest, it seems like it’s time for Endeavor and Shoto to finally confront Dabi and his family’s terrible past. In related topics, My hero academia He already has his own version of Ultra Instinct. Similarly, the anime has caused a new controversy.

The MHA manga will return this week |  Atomix

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The MHA manga will return this week |  Atomix

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