The minister of Agriculture denies having referred to a whistleblower at the request of the industry

Le ministre de l’Agriculture nie avoir renvoyé un lanceur d’alerte à la demande de l’industrie

Photo: Jacques Boissinot Archives The canadian Press
The minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, the national Assembly last December

The minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, denied having fired the employee and whistleblower — Louis Robert at the request of the pesticide industry.

“Me, I don’t have a link at all with it,” he argued in an impromptu press Thursday morning.

Mr. Lamontagne, however, refused to say if the industry had put pressure on the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) so that it dismisses Mr. Robert, after he had transmitted a confidential document to journalists.

I trusted my team, the people who have participated in this process.

— The quebec minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne

“People outside the department have investigated. They have reported everything that has happened under our laws, practices, of the right of employees, everything, “said Mr. Lamontagne, while indicating they had” trusted [his] team “. He is convinced to have taken the ” decisions that were to be taken in these circumstances.”

The minister, however, refrained to say Thursday whether the practices of the MAPAQ had been reviewed in order to keep the lobbyists from the private sector of scientific research in the agri-environment conducted at the Center for research on the grains (CEROM), which the Quebec government is the primary funder.

He also defends to muzzle whistleblowers. “This is certainly not it lens. This is certainly not a sign of rejection to whistleblowers. This is certainly not it “, he said in the margin of a caucus of elected caquistes. “I encourage people to denounce according to the laws and our practices. “


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