The Minister Yemets called people over 65 years old “corpses”

Глава Минздрава Емец назвал людей старше 65 лет "трупами"

The Minister of health Ilya Yemets encouraged to spend money on the living, not the dead people, those he considers pensioners. According to him, the average life expectancy of Ukrainians 65 years, and then they don’t allocate funding.

Cynical remark Yemets announced in the television broadcast.

The Minister again reminded of the age-related risk group and the average life expectancy of Ukrainians and advised the financiers to calculate how much to allocate money “on the still living people, not corpses.”

Ilya Yemets

“I urge not only the government but also the business community of Ukraine to join and to consciously do so that we have tests and Express, and serological – was massively for all Ukrainians. We know the statistics of how many people we have over 65 years of age. Even though it’s a shame, but the average life expectancy for men, in my opinion, is 65 years old.”

“Therefore, I tell you frankly that the financiers, which should help us begin to rely on those people that we are still alive. I’m not kidding and not afraid. I say all the time: you count how many we need to allocate finances for living people, not corpses, “added the Minister.

Earlier emtsa already accused of excessive cynicism in relation to the elderly. He said that the coronavirus dies “all pensioners”.

By the way, this virus is not surprising children, and now die all pensioners,
said Yemets.

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