The Ministry of Education and Culture will submit the proposal of trade unionists to the government

The Ministry of Education and Culture will submit the proposal of trade unionists to the government

Proposal of trade unions on salary tariffs will be submitted by MŠMT to the government

Chairman of school unions František Dobšík.

Prague – The Ministry of Education (MŠMT) will present to the government a proposal by school trade unionists, which demands that this year's increase in money for teachers be divided between salary tariffs and remuneration. To ČTK's question, office spokeswoman Aneta Lednová said this today. According to its chairman František Dobšík, the school unions propose that 80 percent of the amount by which teachers' salaries will be increased this year go to the basic component of teachers' earnings. According to their chairman, the trade unionists repeatedly presented the demand at the so-called small school tripartite, most recently on Monday. They would like revised tariffs from May 1, Dobšík told ČTK on Monday.

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“The Ministry of Education and Culture is ready to discuss the proposal of the school unions at the government meeting,” said Lednová today.

The state budget for this year foresees an increase in teachers' salaries by four percent. The government decided in December 2022 that the entire amount would be in rewards. The principal of the school decides on the amount of remuneration for individual teachers.

According to Dobšík, the goal of the trade unionists is for the tariff components of the salary of teaching staff to increase from May 1. The trade unionists explain the request for a distribution of money other than that approved by the government by the fact that, under the current situation, there is a risk that the money will be used to pay other expenses and not to pay teachers. The fact that this will not be possible will only be guaranteed by the demand tariffs, according to the union president. “There is money to fulfill our demands. This is only a political decision. We want the Ministry of Education to re-initiate negotiations on the distribution of money,” he said earlier. . At that time, representatives of the Ministry of Education and employers supported the trade unionists' proposal. At the time, Minister of Education Vladimír Balaš (STAN) and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurečka (KDU-ČSL) expressed their preliminary support for him. However, the government coalition subsequently did not approve the proposal.

The fact that, according to the government's decision, the money is to be paid to teachers as rewards, some school organizations and associations also criticize it. The Chairman of the Union of School Associations of the Czech Republic CZESHA Jiří Zajíček told ČTK earlier that dividing the amount between tariffs and rewards would not mean any extra money for the state compared to what was approved by the government. According to him, however, an increase in tariffs would be more beneficial for education workers.