The Ministry of Health will propose adding kratom to the list of addictive substances if it is not regulated

The Ministry of Health will propose adding kratom to the list of addictive substances if it is not regulated

MZd proposes to include kratom on the list of illegal substances if it is not subject to regulation

Illustration photo – Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek.

Prague – If it is not possible to prepare another legislative regulation of the addictive substance kratom within two months, the Minister of Health Vlastimil Válek (TOP 09) wants to include it in the list of addictive substances. At the press conference after today's government meeting, he said that he does not consider it an ideal solution. According to him, these are the new legislative rules that the national anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil is preparing for the regulation of kratom and other addictive substances of plant origin. According to estimates, tens of thousands of people use kratom in the Czech Republic.

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According to Válk, the government discussed the draft legislation today. “The agreement is that this draft legislation will be presented in a very short time for discussion by the individual departments concerned,” said Válek. He assumes that by the end of April, the legislation will be ready enough to go to comment procedures and will be gradually discussed by the government and the Parliament.

“If we agree that this is not the right way, then in May I will propose including of this substance on the list (of addictive substances) until the legislation is discussed, to simplify it,” said the minister. According to him, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend including kratom on the list of prohibited addictive substances. According to Válk, the second option for regulation is to limit sales, as with tobacco and alcohol, which are also addictive substances with health risks.

“We agreed that it would be good to prepare a third type of legislation, which will be more general. It will concern addictive substances of natural origin,” he added. He wants to be able to respond to new substances far more effectively.

Kratom has stimulating effects in small amounts, and depressants in larger doses. According to the monitoring center, it is not a high-risk substance, its excessive use can lead to addiction. It can be toxic. However, it also helps manage withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction, high blood pressure, fatigue, and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Last year, the media drew attention to the fact that kratom is freely available in the Czech Republic, for example in vending machines. Even children can get it. According to representatives of the association bringing together manufacturers and experts, the lack of a legal framework does not allow sales to be restricted by age. Some users are treated for addiction, but their numbers are very low compared to other legal substances. According to Válk, this substance is particularly risky in combination with other addictive substances.