The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is preparing a subsidy of CZK 1.7 billion from the recovery plan for building children's groups

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is preparing a subsidy of CZK 1.7 billion from the recovery plan for building children's groups

MPSV is preparing a subsidy of CZK 1.7 billion from the building renovation plan ; children's groups

Children in kindergarten – illustrative photo.

Prague – The Ministry of Labor is now preparing a subsidy of 1.7 billion crowns from the National Recovery Plan (NPO) for building children's groups. He plans to issue a call for applications this month. Regions, municipalities, universities and other public institutions will be able to receive support. The Ministry informed about it on its website.

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From the recovery plan, it has a total of almost 22.5 billion crowns available for children's groups, expansion and modernization of social services and employment support. It has announced four of the 12 planned calls so far. The department's press department has already announced that it is assessing applications for around 2.5 billion crowns in two calls last year. However, it was possible to obtain over 5.5 billion crowns.

Last year, in the first call, the ministry offered 2.74 billion crowns for children's groups, and in the second, it allocated 2.8 billion crowns for the development of social services. The last application rounds ended in November. The press department said a few weeks ago that 43 requests for 650 million crowns for children's groups and 25 requests for 1.8 billion crowns for social services are being assessed. The department has 105 days to notify applicants.

Until the end of February, it was possible to apply for 228 million crowns for electric cars and hybrids for social services. The vehicles are for caregivers and other workers who commute to the elderly or disabled. Cars must be purchased by the end of this year.

The deadline for submitting applications for retraining money ends at the end of June. The Labor Office can distribute a billion crowns. 10,000 people should acquire digital skills by the end of October 2025, and 10,000 people should prepare for the transition to the so-called Industry 4.0, i.e. to robotization and automation or new professions. The courses are for registered unemployed and registered job seekers.

The ministry will announce the fifth call in March. Applications for a total of 1.7 billion crowns from NPOs for children's groups will end within seven months. Regions, municipalities, cities, ministries, universities, research institutes, authorities, state agencies, some museums, galleries and theaters and other institutions can apply for support. They can obtain from three to 20 million crowns for the purchase of land and buildings, for reconstruction, construction, additions, modification of outdoor spaces or modernization of facilities for public and corporate facilities. The number of places created for children will be assessed, as well as low energy consumption in new buildings or energy savings after repairs. The projects must be completed by the end of August 2025. The money should be paid back.

The National Recovery Plan is supposed to contribute to the recovery of the economy for the covid epidemic and to start reforms. The Czech Republic can pay up to seven billion euros from it (currently converted to about 164.5 billion crowns). The Ministry of Labor mentions three reforms – lifelong education, care for young children and long-term care for the elderly and disabled. By the end of 2025, he plans to adjust the reform changes in amendments, which should also ensure future sustainable financing.