The MoE is preparing to extend subsidies for energy savings and for apartment buildings

The MoE is preparing to extend subsidies for energy savings and for apartment buildings

MŽP prepares distribution of subsidies for energy disputes and housing ; houses

Prague – The Ministry of the Environment is preparing to expand the terms of the subsidy program to support energy savings New green savings. He wants to expand the support to include investments in apartment buildings, the possibility of switching from gas sources to renewable energy sources or the provision of state loans for investments. At today's discussion on energy challenges in the Czech Republic, this was stated by the Minister of the Environment Marián Jurečka and his deputy Petr Hladík.

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According to Hladík, the subsidy program should change in several parameters. Newly, it should primarily include apartment buildings, which follows on from the changes to the Energy Act, which are supposed to enable the sharing of energy from renewable sources within individual housing units. Another change should be the focus of the program on supporting the transition from gas sources to renewable energy sources, as well as the extension of some conditions for support for photovoltaic devices. According to Hladík, the ministry is looking into the possibility of combining subsidies and state loans for applicants to finance their projects.

According to the deputy, the ministry should probably present the proposal for changes in April.

The ministry is also planning to expand support in the program for low-income households. Already in previous weeks, Jurečka announced that the ministry would also double the amount intended to support energy savings in this program to three billion crowns due to public interest. Hladík pointed out today that the resort is going to continue to increase the money in the program if necessary. “The money won't run out,” said the deputy for the so-called New Green Savings Light program.

This year, the ministry is also planning to launch another wave of boiler subsidies in the regions of the Czech Republic to replace older boilers in vulnerable households.

< p>New green savings subsidy programs are aimed at supporting energy saving projects in houses. Applicants can obtain subsidies from it, for example for insulating houses, installing photovoltaic devices, heat pumps and others. Last year, the state supported almost 50,000 solar power plants on the roofs of houses through subsidies, which was four times more than last year.