The morgue is full, the body is folded at the rink, doctor on coronavirus in Spain

Морг заполнен, тела складывают на катке, – врач о коронавирусе в Испании

In Spain during the epidemic of the coronavirus. One of the worst situations in Madrid. Doctors don’t have time to look at all the patients and they have to choose on the go, who will live and who will die.

Doctor Daniel the Barnabas spoke about the situation in the largest clinic of Madrid’s La Paz.

The medic said that people are dying in foster before the inspection, because the pandemic coronavirus overpowers the capabilities of the medical staff.

Funeral cancelled in the capital of Spain, and places in the morgue anymore. Therefore, the body is folded on the main rink of the city,
– said the doctor.

Daniel the Barnabas says that the ICU is full. Doctors have to choose who to save.

Doctors at the forefront of not wearing full protection, but only a mask and a cotton Bathrobe. They are advised not to approach the patient closer than a meter, but it’s impossible.

The doctor said that the hospital La Paz is a complex of 17 buildings. Recently in the waiting room there were 240 people at a time. All they were waiting for medical examination.

Please note! The Spanish government reported that about 4 thousand health workers infected with coronavirus. 12% of the total. For comparison, in Italy and China this happened to 4% of health workers.

Coronavirus in Spain: what is known

  • Since the beginning of the epidemic in Spain was already 4 089 of deaths from the coronavirus. The number of already infected more than 56 thousand people. Recovered – 7 155 people.
  • Spain has extended the state of emergency until April 12.
  • Spain now ranks second in the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world after Italy.
  • The country has a quarantine to leave the house only to buy food, medications, commute to work, visit hospitals and banks, and also travel associated with caring for children and older people.

Морг заполнен, тела складывают на катке, – врач о коронавирусе в Испании

How to protect yourself from coronavirus / Infographic 24 channel

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