The most popular myths about acne that you harm

Самые популярные мифы о прыщах, которые вам вредят

Almost 80% of teenagers have problems with acne many people acne remains into adulthood. So around the care and treatment of the skin there is a lot of bad advice and myths.

The main ones were collected dermatologist Svetlana Yakubovskaya.

5 myths about acne

1. If you have acne, it is necessary to treat the stomach or intestines.

This is one of the most discussed and well-known myths. So, the link between acne and food (in particular milk and foods with a high glycemic index sweets, fast food, etc.).

They are able to influence the activity of the sebaceous glands, strengthening it, resulting in the conditions for the reproduction of a particular species of bacteria – colibacterin acnes further, as a result, there are pimples. But the main cause is the Helicobacter, gastritis or dysbiosis.

2. You have the black points are bad you cleanse the skin.

Black dots are the result of air-oxidized sebum that people with problem skin is somewhat different in composition and more dense.

This means that it is not necessary to wash your face several times a day and carefully RUB the brushes your seats with comedones.

Самые популярные мифы о прыщах, которые вам вредят

The sun does not cure acne /

You will help:

– gentle cleansing (sebaceous glands do not like to be overly annoying because in return they can earn even more.)
Example: Dermedic Normacne antibacterial gel for washing.
– funds with salicylic acid (cream or tonic).
Example: Bioderma Sebium global cream
– regular exfoliation
Example: tools with glycolic acid.

3. If you have acne, it is impossible to use tone or camouflage means.

You can, but reasonable. Not the first cream from the shelf, and all the tools specially developed for this problem. And of course use them when needed.

Example: a long time concealer with a light effect and spf 40, Pharmaceris F matifying fluid Foundation spf 25

4. The sun cures acne.

Sometimes do in the sun and dry up pimples, and no new ones and no noticeable stains. And then in the fall it all comes back with renewed vigor. Therefore, sun protection should be mandatory. Another reason not to overdry the skin, which definitely contributes to wrinkles.

Example: Uriage Hyseac sunscreen fluid SPF 50 (waiting for new Belarus!)

5. Will begin sex life and the acne will go.

No, your sexual activity and the number of spots not connected.

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