The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

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The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

Diego Conesa left the PSOE headquarters yesterday afternoon accompanied by Francisco Lucas, the mayor of Murcia, José Antonio Serrano, and Alfonso Martínez Baños, with his head downcast. / NACHO GARCÍA / AGM

The PSRM secretary general loses Madrid’s support and announces by surprise that he will not run for re-election, opening a crisis in the party

The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

The failed motion of censure and its political repercussions at the regional and national levels have ended up taking its toll on Diego Conesa’s leadership. When the half of the legislature has passed, the PSRM secretary general has lost the support of Madrid, and yesterday afternoon he announced by surprise that he will not stand for re-election at the regional congress in December. It implies that he will not run for the presidency of the Autonomous Community in the 2023 elections either. His decision opens a crisis within the Murcian socialist federation, which will have to look for a new leader in a short time, since on October 4 they will have to to present the pre-candidacies for the primaries.

Without the support of Ferraz and La Moncloa, Diego Conesa announced in a statement the end of his stage after four years at the head of the party, in which he managed to win the 2019 regional elections after 26 years of dominance by the PP at the polls , an achievement that could not materialize due to the pact of the popular with Citizens. It also made the PSOE the most voted party in 29 of the 45 municipalities. However, the consequences of the unsuccessful motion of censure that he presented in March together with the former coordinator of Ciudadanos, Ana Martínez Vidal, the other protagonist of that operation, who resigned in July, have weighed more heavily. In recent years, Conesa has had polls against it, as well as several controversial episodes, including the complaint of alleged prevarication for which a Totana court investigates him.

“I have suffered furious attacks”

The majority of PSRM affiliates were made aware of Conesa’s decision in a surprising way, which met in the afternoon at the regional headquarters with the mayors, spokespersons and deputies to explain its decision to them. Likewise, he sent a letter to the militancy to communicate that he will not stand for re-election, after a “personal and considered” decision that he communicated in the morning in Madrid to the secretary general of the PSOE and president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez. Conesa thanked him for his support at all times, “especially in recent months.”

Conesa informed Pedro Sánchez yesterday in Madrid that he will leave the party leadership in December to “take oxygen”

«After four years, I step aside knowing that I have given everything I had and have dedicated every possible hour of the day, seven days a week, to make a better Region of Murcia through a PSRM focused on be useful to its 45 municipalities, “he explained.

The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

Diego Conesa stressed that this year «has been quite hard for everyone, also for me. I have suffered furious attacks, not only political, but also personal and family, that go beyond any red line. I have always stated that before being a politician I am a neighbor of the Region, which I love and for which I have given myself body and soul, putting the general interests of each of the women and men of our land before any other. consideration, “he asserted.

In the afternoon he explained his decision to the mayors and deputies; the party must seek a new leader in near record time

During the announcement of this decision, Conesa asked the party leadership to “continue working, with the same enthusiasm and dedication, to have the Region that we deserve.”

The motion of censure takes its toll on Diego Conesa, who announces his withdrawal

Renewal process

The socialist leader pointed out that he has decided that it is time “to step aside, take oxygen, breathe hard and gain momentum to continue leaving my skin and soul to maintain, improve and grow the only alternative political project to the right. corrupt and the toxic extreme right that believes that the Region is their farmhouse. He indicated that “a new process of renewal” of the federal, regional and municipal directorates is starting, and thanked the militancy for endorsing his candidacy to head the regional delegation to the federal congress in Valencia in October. He noted that after the regional congress in December, it will be made available to the new management. “Socialists will continue to show that we defend values ​​and ideals of freedom, equality and social justice. That we are the party and the alternative that our Region needs and deserves, “he concluded.

PP and Vox say goodbye to the socialist criticizing his management and his “submission” to Pedro Sánchez

The reactions to the announcement of Conesa did not wait and both the representatives of the PP and Vox agreed to criticize his performance since he took the reins of the party and his “submission” to the directives of President Sánchez “against the interests of the Region”.

The general secretary of the PP, José Miguel Luengo, assured that “Diego Conesa leaves the back door after four years of submission to Pedro Sánchez,” and added that “he has been a necessary collaborator in the mistreatment that he is subjected to. the Region of Murcia ».

During all this time, “by kneeling before the successive punishments of the Government of Spain, it has seriously harmed us in infrastructure, financing and water,” the popular insisted. Luengo said that “the inheritance he leaves is that of a botched motion of censure” and that yesterday’s announcement “was the chronicle of a death announced because the PSOE has long been aimless and without a leader.”

The president of Vox in Murcia, José Ángel Antelo, spoke in similar terms, for whom Conesa “has been a loyal sanchista” and a leader “really disastrous for the Region of Murcia.” For the Vox leader, the socialist has worked “against our Transfer, agreeing with all those who want to close it” and “against our farmers who account for 25% of our GDP”; and accused him of “co-responsibility” in the situation of the Mar Menor.