The movie “the Avengers: the Finale” broke the record of “Avatar” became the highest grossing in history

Фильм "Мстители: Финал" побил рекорд "Аватара" и стал самым кассовым в истории

Every creature from kynoselen Marvel received many good reviews from fans and critics, however, recent film called “Avengers Finale” was a real triumph of their list. The tape broke the record, which in 2009 established the “Avatar”.

At the end of April the film “the Avengers: Finale” was released on the big screen and for a few days has collected more than $ 300 million. Even then, critics began to say that he has all chances to become the champion in the box office, where in 2009 the first place occupied the movie “Avatar”. As informs edition The Guardian, the suspicions were not in vain.

Recently it became known that the film “Avengers: Finale” still broke the record, which over the last 10 years, failed to exceed any one of the premiere pictures. Total box-office collection by Marvel company is $ 2.9 billion, while in 2009, Avatar made of 2.79 billion dollars.

After the official statement from Kevin Feige, who was the producer of the film “the Avengers: Finale”, in a network there was a collage in which the main antagonist (enemy) in “the Avengers” shows senekerim (in the spirit of “Avatar”), whereas in the original he’s got purple skin color. Interestingly, on the poster the name of the former record-breaking film “Avatar” begins with the letter “A”, which echoes the logo of the film “the Avengers” (original title “Avangers”). Also the movie title in the poster is gradually disappearing, which is a reference to the movie “the Avengers”, because the enemy Thanos was able to master the glove with all the infinity stones and the click of a finger and destroyed half of the Universe. Now in the same way and disappeared the movie “Avatar” from the table of the ranking of the highest grossing films in history.

Фильм "Мстители: Финал" побил рекорд "Аватара" и стал самым кассовым в истории

Collage / Photo from open sources

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