The mystery behind the real name of El Chavo del 8

The mystery behind the real name of El Chavo del 8

After the announcement of the end of broadcasts of the series, various aspects of the story and its characters have come to light

The mystery behind the real name of El Chavo del 8

The program went off the air in great numbers number of countries (Photo: Zuma Press/The Grosby Group)

In August 2020 it was announced that the popular series El Chavo del 8, < /i>written by Roberto Gómez Bolaños and directed by Enrique Segoviano, it would stop being broadcast worldwide. The news surprised the public in Latin America due to the relevance it had in the last half of the 20th century.

After the message published by the son of Chespirito, telenovela producer Roberto Gómez Fernández, revealed some anecdotes and secrets of the seriesthat they were not revealed during the best years of the program and that viewers came to comment effusively on social networks.

Thus the public learned, for example, that that trip that the cast made to the beaches of Acapulco at the end of the seventies to record three episodes in the port, corresponding to an advertising strategy by the head of Grupo Televisa at that time, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, who had just acquired and renovated a luxurious hotel in the paradisiacal tourist destination. Although another dealt with the real name of the protagonist.

The mystery behind of the real name of El Chavo del 8

The cast toured extensively in Central and South America (Photo: File)

One ​​of the mysteries of the series is the origin of the main character, el Chavo del 8, although much has never been revealed about how he came about, some winks over the decades have given more signs of what his life was like before arriving in the famous neighborhood.

According to the book El diario del Chavo del 8 , a text published by Roberto Gómez Bolaños in the 90s, reveals aspects of the origin of the fictional character who reached a large number of countries beyond Spanish-speaking ones.

El chavito” yes, he was an orphan and never knew his parents, since from his birth the child was abandoned in a nursery. This was the reason why he stayed in an orphanage for years, from where he escaped at one point after not being adopted by anyone.

The mystery behind the true name of El Chavo del 8

The future of the series is in the hands of Grupo Chespirito (Photo: Special)

The book narrates how on a stormy day, El Chavo walked to the neighborhood that was his home until the last broadcast of the emblematic series. In the building, he was received by an elderly woman who lived in a secondary patio in the neighborhood, in apartment number eight, until the woman died. From then on, the nickname that accompanied him throughout history stuck with him.

After a brief stint in various departments, the barrel located in the main patio was their place of refuge to shelter and play; according to versions of psychological interpretations, this barrel would be a symbolism of the maternal womb and the feeling of security, to which the character never had access.

Derived from this information, the followers of the saga erupted with a series of theories and hypotheses that sought to find the true name of the character, who was always known by his nickname.

This is how the presumed name came to light: Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaelo Guglielmi, a name of Italian extraction that followers took for granted because Bolaños himself mentioned it in a fragment of the book published in 1995, but without delving into it.

The mystery behind the real name of The guy from the 8

This was the unforgettable neighborhood of El Chavo (Photo: File)

This information was never confirmed and endorsed by the Gómez family nor by Florinda Meza, who was his partner for decades and with whom he lived until his last days. Neither did the Chespirito Group disclose its position on the matter.

Similarly, it is surprising that Chespirito would have given his character the same name as the famous actor Rodolfo Valentino, who was a famous movie star in the 1920s.

< p class="paragraph">It should be noted that in certain episodes of the series, when asked his name, the character manages to answer “Fili…” before being interrupted, so he was never able to find out.

So given the inconsistencies, it seems that the playwright dubbed as a “Shakespeare little ” has taken the secret to the grave.