The NBA All-Star game was dominated by Adetokunba's selection, Tatum scored 55 points

The NBA All-Star game was dominated by Adetokunba's selection, Tatum scored 55 points

NBA All-Star game dominated by Adetokunba's pick, Tatum shoots 55 points

Basketball's Jayson Tatum, left, and LeBron James at the NBA All-Star Game, Feb. 19, 2023.

Utah – Janis pick won the NBA All-Star Game in Utah Adetokunba, who beat LeBron James' team 184-175. The star of the duel was Jayson Tatum, who collected 55 points and set a new game record.

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The previous high belonged to Anthony Davis, who scored 52 points in 2017. In addition, Tatum added ten rebounds and six assists and was named the game's most valuable player.

“He means everything to me. But records are there to be broken. I want to keep him as long as I can. And maybe even increase it,” the overseas media quoted the twenty-four-year-old Tatum as saying.

Before the game, James and Adetokunbo chose teams first from the substitutes, then from the members of the starting five, which were determined by the fans. And it was Tatum who was the first player the Greek basketball player pointed to.

“There was nothing to think about. I knew he was going to take the game really seriously,” Adetokunbo said.

Tatum had 40 seconds left. points and 10 assists by Donovan Mitchell from Cleveland or Damian Lillard from Portland with 26 points, among others the winner of Saturday's attractive three-pointer contest.

On the other hand, LeBron James, in the role of captain in the All-Star Game, suffered his first defeat after five wins . In addition, the match, like his counterpart, did not finish due to a hand injury.

While Adetokunbo managed only twenty seconds, the NBA record holder in the number of points scored James retired at the beginning of the second half. “It's nothing serious, it's more about prevention,” he said.

NBA All-Star Game in Utah:

Team LeBron – Team Janis 175-184.