The NDP wants to help families | Alberta Elections 2023

The NDP wants to help families families | Éelections Alberta 2023

In order to win the May 29 provincial election, the New Democratic Party of Alberta, led by Rachel Notley, must make inroads across the province, particularly in Calgary. To form the next government, the NDP must almost double its number of seats.

Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Rachel Notley has unveiled the first three bills her party wants to tackle this summer if elected on May 29. These projects would create jobs, allow families to save money and protect pension plans, says the political formation.

The first bill wants to cap the price of electricity.

It also tackles car insurance prices, the costs of children's activities and school fees. It includes $10 a day child care and extended before and after school care.

There are several elements to this affordability bill. Some can go forward without legislation, some need regulation, and some require legislation. That's why we will make this our first bill, noted Rachel Notley.

According to the NDP, if passed, this first bill will allow the vast majority of Albertans save almost $1000.

On average, an Albertan will save about $450 from our electricity rate changes and an additional $450 from our insurance price change, says Rachel Notley, adding that the rest depends on each family.

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The second bill will repeal Danielle Smith's Alberta Sovereignty Act, introduce new tax credits and eliminate the 2% tax rate on the first $500,000 of small business income.

The third bill focuses on protecting Albertans' pension plans. This is a law preventing any future government from opting out of the Canada Pension Plan.

We will return to the House this summer, as soon as possible, to pass the legislation needed to provide relief to Alberta families, provide certainty for investors and provide security for Alberta's seniors,” Notley said.

Among its priorities, the party also wants to tackle the health system by creating 40 family medicine clinics, hiring 4,000 paramedical professionals and putting in place incentives to recruit more family doctors.

Education is his other priority.

The party pledges to increase the education budget for the next school year in September, to hire 4,000 teachers and to set up services to help young people with educational needs. x27;specific learning.