The new budget trump: reducing assistance to other countries and exchange programs students

Новый бюджет Трампа: сокращение помощи другим странам и программ обмена студентовThe new budget trump: reducing assistance to other countries and exchange students Author: Alina Dykman Photo: Depositphotos budget Donald trump US news Finance economy

President trump will achieve a significant reduction of assistance to other States for $11.7 billion in the annual Federal budget, which will be published this week.

The proposed reduction of 21% will be achieved mainly due to failure on aid in the economic development of other countries.

“Very often this just does not help serves an important purpose, said The Post senior administration official Donald trump. – It is obvious that her reduction a priority of the President.”

In the 2019 financial year on the economic development of other countries allocated $4.5 billion, and the main recipient, Jordan has received $765 million.

But officials say that often these funds are “wasted”.

“We are removing $4800, which gave, for example, to send American authors for the poetry festival in Finland… or $10 thousand to support the retrospective of the muppet show in New Zealand. A statue of Bob Dylan in Mozambique, a cricket League in Afghanistan, the list is long – these are things that we believe are wasteful, and they are largely financed at the expense of economic development”, – noted the official.

In addition, trump intends to reduce funding for the PEPFAR program to combat HIV.

“We believe that it is important to begin to recede. In a situation with a deficit of a trillion dollars we can’t afford it,” added the official.

It is expected that some of the Federal programs of student exchange will also be reduced.

“About a million students came to the country last year in one of our universities. Only around 1% of them have gone through one of the Federal exchange programs. We will save a couple of hundred million dollars just by reducing these types of programs.”

Trump also asks for 26% reduction in funding for the Agency for the protection of the environment and to allocate $2 billion for the construction of the border wall.

Among the more controversial proposals is to gradually reduce spending on Medicare. The administration also seeks “forgiveness” of student loans, and this program is designed for 15 years. Within budget trump’s proposed increased funding of NASA by 12%, and the Department of veterans Affairs – 13%.

Note that many of the proposed cuts is unlikely, if the Democrats continue to control the House of representatives after the November elections.

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