The new director general of the Financial Administration will be Simona Hornochová

The new director general of the Financial Administration will be Simona Hornochová

The new general director of the Financial Department will be Simona Hornochov

Employees of the Financial Administration – illustrative photo.

Prague – Former Deputy Minister of Finance Simona Hornochová will become the new Director General of the General Financial Directorate as of March 1. Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) presented it to journalists today. The former CEO Tatjana Richterová resigned at her own request last March, since her departure the Financial Administration has been managed by her deputy Jan Ronovský.

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Hornochová worked at the Ministry of Finance in 2014 and 2015, when Andrej Babiš (ANO) was the minister. She was the deputy for taxes and customs and was also in charge of the introduction of the electronic record of sales (EET), which was abolished by the current government this year. In recent years, she worked as a tax consultant.

According to Stanjura, the new director general should ensure that the Financial Administration behaves more favorably towards clients and differentiates between administrative errors and intentional non-payment of taxes. According to him, it will be an advantage that a person with experience from the other side comes to the head of the Financial Administration.

Hornochová said that she now perceives the Financial Administration as an encapsulated organization that focuses too much on the formalistic interpretation of the law. He sees an opportunity to transform it into an organization that will respect entrepreneurs and honor justice.

The Ministry of Finance announced a selection process for the Director General of the Financial Administration in January. The selection was pending a change in the law, as the previous legislation required proof of experience in a financial administration authority, a territorial financial authority or the Ministry of Finance. In practice, this meant that the director had to come from the Ministry of Finance or the Financial Administration, but not from any other public office or the private sector.