The new Nintendo Switch OLED dock can be purchased separately: it is compatible with the old model

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The new Nintendo Switch OLED dock can be purchased separately: it is compatible with the old model

Nintendo announced yesterday its new Switch model with an improved screen and more storage, but without additional power.

After months of much noise surrounding a new model of Nintendo Switch, the Big N yesterday put an end to the rumors by announcing its Nintendo Switch OLED. The latest revision of Nintendo’s hybrid console will carry a 7-inch OLED screen and 64 GB of internal storage, among other features, as well as a new dock with integrated LAN port to connect to the internet via cable. The news of this review without additional power or performance improvements has caused opinions of all kinds among users, and for those who want have only the new dock without having to buy a second console, we have good news.

The separate dock will only be sold from the Nintendo storeIt was predictable, but Nintendo has confirmed that the new Nintendo Switch OLED dock can be bought separately. In statements to Digital Trends, those in Kyoto confirm that the device will be sold exclusively from the Nintendo store, and will allow you to choose the model in black or white. Of course, you better keep all the cables from your previous Nintendo Switch dock: the pack will not include HDMI cable or power adapter.

In yesterday’s announcement, Nintendo already guaranteed that all accessories and Switch peripherals will be compatible with this OLED Switch and vice versa, so it is an ideal option for those who want a dock with an integrated internet connection without changing the console. Yes, the company has not confirmed the price yet which will have a separate Nintendo Switch OLED dock, and will presumably be larger than a USB LAN adapter.

Along with the new dock and its OLED screen, the new model of Nintendo Switch It also has enhanced audio on its external speakers, for when you play in portable mode, as well as an adjustable rear stand for those gaming sessions away from home. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be available on October 8 for 349.99 euros, and in this other article our colleague Alejando Pascual expresses his opinion regarding this OLED Switch and Nintendo’s strategy.

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