The number of patients with coronavirus in the United States doubled to 29

Число больных коронавирусом в США удвоилось - до 29

The number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the United States increased by 2 times. Today we are talking about 29 patients, according to the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the United States.

The arrival of the Americans, were evacuated from the infected cruise ship docked in Japan, has doubled the number of patients with the coronavirus in the United States. Two Charter flight with 340 passengers who were on a cruise ship “Diamond Princess” arrived at military bases in California and Texas.

Later, the State Department declared that 14 of them discovered coronavirus. They were allowed to Board with other passengers because they had no symptoms.

The remaining cases of the virus registered in the States of Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Washington. The list of patients includes at least two pairs of spouses.

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