The number of steps in a day affects the risk of early death

The more steps a day a person does, the lower his risk of early death, a new study published in JAMA.

Количество шагов в день влияет на риск ранней смерти

10K steps – a famous and popular landmark of physical activity. It was not invented by doctors, and marketers: it appeared decades ago, is a Japanese pedometer. Since then, scientists had studied the relationship between the number of steps, traversable in a day and various health indicators.

In the new study, the researchers watched more than 4800 people, not younger than 40 years. The results showed that the risk of premature death is reduced even in people who don’t “target” of 10 thousand steps.

Dr. Charles Matthews (Charles Matthews) from the National cancer Institute in the US, study co-author, said in comments to the Guardian: “People who averaged about 4-5 thousand steps a day, which is quite a bit, can get substantial benefit to 8 thousand a day, according to our data”. He added that those who pass 8 thousand steps a day, can get more benefits by increasing daily “run”.

Study participants filled out detailed questionnaires regarding their health and lifestyle. For their activity they observed during the week: participants wore special trackers.

According to the study, people who took 8 thousand steps per day, the risk of early death was 50% less than that held 4 thousand. Those who were doing 12 thousand steps per day, the risk of death fell by 65%. Figure 2 thousands of steps per day was associated with an increased risk of early death by 50% compared to 4 thousands.

The researchers found no connection between risk of death and intensity of steps (number per minute).

Last year, the researchers tested how the number of steps associated with an increase in life expectancy among older women. The “ceiling” was 7500 steps per day: the number increase not prolong life.

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