The number one goalkeeper Kovář is also in the nomination of the football twenty-one for the European Championship

The number one goalkeeper Kovář is also in the nomination of the football twenty-one for the European Championship

The No. 1 goalkeeper Kovář is also nominated for the 21st football team at the EC

Matěj Kovář from the champion Sparta was chosen as the best goalkeeper of the season in the first football league in a poll of the League Football Association (LFA) (pictured on January 12, 2023).

Prague – In the nomination of the Czech under-21 football team for the European Championship in Romania and Georgia, the number one goalkeeper Matěj Kovář from the champion Sparta is not missing, despite the fact that, like some other players, he was troubled at the end of the league Health Problems. According to coach Jan Suchopárek, everything is being done to prepare them for the final tournament. Changes to the nomination can be made until June 14.

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“Matěj belongs to a group of players who had certain health problems towards the end of the league. We are in contact with everyone, we are doing our best so that they are ready for the camp and the final tournament. But if we receive an apology, we will have to call in substitutes,” said Suchopárek at the press conference .

The European vice-champion from 1996 bet on proven names, five players also appeared at the last championship. Besides Kovař, they were Michal Fukala, Martin Vitík, Pavel Šulc and Adam Karabec. At the start of Vitík and Matěj Jurásk, Suchopárek agreed with the coach of the representative A-team, Jaroslav Šilhavý. On the contrary, the injured forward Tomáš Čvančara is missing, but according to Suchopárek, he would still be in the “A”.

Several factors decided the nomination of the players. “The first is the form at the end of the league, which was very good for most of the players. They mostly played a pivotal role in their teams. The second thing was certain tactical things, the formation of the team, variants that we think about in the matches,” said Suchopárek.

“Another thing was the character of the players, which I consider very important. In the long term and at tournaments, it is important that the players and the implementation team get along so that there is teamwork. Another point was the experience of the qualification, only Vasil Kušej did not go through the qualification matches. That played a significant role when deciding between two or three players in the nomination. The last and essential thing was the alternation in certain positions,” said the coach.

He appreciated the negotiations with the clubs. “We found an unequivocal agreement with them that they will release the player, even though the European Championship date is not in the official UEFA deadline,” he stated.

He worked closely with Šilhavy and his team. “We have always found a good relationship and consensus. 'A' has priority, but even in our nomination there are guys who could have appeared in his June matches. Nevertheless, we agreed perfectly well that Martin Vitík and Matěj Jurásek will go with us, which is very positive. Cooperation is at an excellent level,” said Suchopárek.

The under-21 national team will meet on June 12 in Benice and complete a five-day camp, which will end with a model match. She will fly to the venue of the championship, where she reached in September thanks to a successful draw with Iceland, on June 19. Three days later, they will play Group C in Batumi, Georgia, against England. They will face Germany at the same venue three days later and finish the group on June 28 in Kutaisi against Israel. All matches will be played from 18:00 CET.

Nomination of the Czech under-21 football team for the European Championship in Romania and Georgia:

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Post First and last name Club Number of starts Goals
Goalkeepers Vítězslav Jaroš Stockport 3 0
Antonín Kinský Vyškov 1 0
Matěj Kovář Sparta Prague 11 0
Defenders Martin Cedidla Zlín 5 0
Michal Fukala Liberec 10 0
Adam Gabriel Hradec Králové 11 3
Robin Hranáč Pardubice 9 0
David Pech Slavia Prague 4< /td>

Karel Pojezný Ostrava 2 0
Martin Vitík Sparta Prague 12 1
Tomáš Vlček Pardubice 3 0< /td>
Reservists Lukáš Červ Liberec 11 0
Kryštof Daněk Sparta Prague< /td>

10 2
Matěj Jurásek Slavia Prague 2 0
Filip Kaloč Ostrava 11 0
Adam Karabec Sparta Prague 14 4
Pavel Šulc Jablonec 17 2
Matěj Valenta Liberec 5 1
Jan Žambůrek Viborg 12 0< /td>
Attackers Daniel Fila Teplice 10 5
Matěj Koubek Hradec Králové 4 0
Vasil Kušej Mladá Boleslav 4 0
Václav Sejk Jablonec 15 5