The nurse called the symptom coronavirus, which can be used to identify seriously ill

The nurse called the symptom coronavirus, which can be used to identify the seriously ill Author: Alexander Bugaev “Red eye” – a new symptom of infection by the coronavirus Photo: Keller COVID-19 eye conjunctivitis Coronavirus US news simtom Медсестра назвала симптом коронавируса, по которому можно определить тяжело больного

According to the nurse working directly with patients diagnosed with COVID-19, redness of the eyelids can be a sign that the disease occurs in severe form.

Chelsea Ernst from medical Center of Kirkland, Washington, says the human eye can understand that he is infected with a coronavirus, according to CNN.

“This symptom is I saw every of the [critically ill patients], said Ernst. – They had eyes like allergies”.

Ernst said she and her colleagues, as well as physicians from neighboring hospitals have noticed this weird symptom.

“White of the eye not red. It’s more like eyes, painted red eye shadow, says Ernst. – We have had patients who have “red eyes” was the only symptom. They were hospitalized and died in hospital.

Even the doctor, who worked in our Department, ambulance, said, “they Have red eyes?” If I answered “Yes,” he said, “I’ll give him a bed””.

At least 37 deaths in kirklands the medical Center have been associated with flash COVID-19.

The centers for control and prevention of diseases warn of such symptoms:

  • high temperature;
  • dry cough;
  • shortness of breath.

Meanwhile, the American Academy of ophthalmology has warned that there are reports that the coronavirus is associated with conjunctivitiswhich can cause redness of the eyes, according to CNN.

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