The nurse hugged the crying child, and the story spread through all the network

Медсестра обняла плачущего ребенка, и эта история облетела все сеть

Very touching!

If someone else’s kid crying that he is bad, most of us want to calm him down. After all, the kid now so need the support of an adult.

5-year-old Slade Thompson was forced for a long time and often lie in hospitals. One day after the operation he woke up and saw that mom not around. The baby began to call her, but she did not come. The boy was very scared and cried.

At this time around of the chamber was nurse Annie Hager. The woman came into the box, and asked Slade why he was crying. The boy confessed that he is experiencing pain and he was scared. The baby wanted to be held.

The nurse felt sorry for the little patients, she lay down beside him and hugged. The boy immediately became easier, and he began to calm down. Through the time my mom came to Slade and saw this sight.

The woman was deeply moved by such a touching picture and took a picture of her son lying with a nurse. Later, the mom posted a picture to social networks, and it has become very popular.

When the boy was discharged from the hospital, he forgot about the good woman. Slade gave Annie flowers and said “thank you” for its warmth. The nurse in answer cried from emotion.

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