The opposition does not believe François Legault

The opposition does not believe François Legault

The opposition does not believe François Legault

Jacques Boissinot The Canadian Press The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, during question period, Wednesday, at the National Assembly

Contrary to what he said, François Legault knows the cost of the new third link project, believe the opposition, which accuses him in particular of showing willful blindness.

Wednesday, Mr. Legault argued that he had no been informed of the cost of the version of the project intended for public transport, yet included in documents made public, where these figures are redacted.

Québec solidaire MP Étienne Grandmont does not believe Mr. Legault, who claimed to have consulted a short version of analyzes where the cost does not appear.

“I think he knows them, I can't believe he doesn't know them,” he said Thursday at a press briefing.

Liberal MP Madwa-Nika Cadet also felt that Mr. Legault cannot claim ignore the costs of the new project, even preliminary.

“It's willful blindness,” she said at a press briefing. Either he hasn't watched them, but it's his business not to watch them, or he has seen them, then he doesn't want to divulge them. But, in any case, we seem to want to show the numbers that suit us, then hide those that don't suit us. “

The Parti Québécois also raised doubts by pointing out that Mr. Legault is trained as an accountant.

“I think there are two options: either the Prime Minister demonstrates an absolutely aberrant lack of rigor, or he is making fun of us,” he said.

Mr. Legault repeated Thursday that the figures available to the government, which he has not seen, are rough estimates. He pointed out that the mode of public transport, metro or other, has yet to be determined, which will have an impact on the project.

“What I am told is that these are estimates which are very summary and that there would be a risk of making them public,” he told reporters before question period.

Mr. Legault claimed that he did not ask to know the number, despite its hypothetical character.

“No, I don't know it,” he assured.

< p>The President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, did not want to say if she knows the estimated amount.

“I will not discuss that,” she eluded.

His colleague Jonatan Julien, Minister of Infrastructure, has meanwhile made a commitment to make the figure public, when the time comes.

“We will do things in order, he weighted. When we have a credible estimate, we will reveal it. »