The organizers of the “Oscar” was justified for not commemorated Luke Perry

In his message, the American film Academy has cited a lack of airtime.

Организаторы «Оскара» оправдались за то, что не почтили память Люка Перри

Many viewers of the last days of the ceremony “Oscar” was hurt by the fact that in the traditional segment of the show In Memoriam to honor deceased artists have not found a place Luke Perry, as well as a number of other esteemed persons, including a 20-year-old star of “the Heirs” Cameron Boyce and 91-year-old comedian Orson Bean.

In response to a wave of public outrage the American film Academy has released an official statement which reads as follows:

The Academy receives hundreds of requests for make in the In Memoriam segment appeared the names of favorite artists and workers of the industry that is no longer with us. The Executive Committee relating to each of the branches, considers the audience the list of names to choose the ones that will appear in the broadcast within the limited airtime. Complete list of applications can be found on the website — it will be available throughout the year. In memory of Luke Perry and Cameron Boise had their names included in a special gallery on

Recall that Perry died in July 2019, after a massive stroke — the actor was 52 years. He is remembered for his roles in such films as “Road to Redemption”, “the Fifth element”, and also for the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” and “Riverdale”. Follow-up project Perry was the painting “One day in Hollywood…,” in which he played one of the minor characters.

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