The output of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 postponed for a year

Выход Toyota Land Cruiser 300 перенесен на год

World debut of Toyota Land Cruiser at index “300” was moved from summer 2020 summer 2021-th.

And at dealerships already passed the preparation for the appearance of the model.

A number of major clients tuned in to a quick purchase of an SUV. The reason for the change timing is not specified, but it is possible that the blame for the outbreak of coronavirus.

So, the next generation model will get petrol and diesel V6 with two turbines, whereas the current eight-cylinder engine is likely to be discontinued along with the current model.

It is not excluded that in time there will be a hybrid version of an SUV. Four-wheel drive, and automatic transmission, will be included in the base vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser.

The model will continue to lay frame. With dimensions virtually unchanged, as the major advantages of the model — permeability and towing trailers weighing up to 3.6 tons.

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