The owner brought the cat to a nervous breakdown with her singing (video)

Хозяин довел кошку до нервного срыва своим пением (видео)

In a network there was a funny video shot at home by albert Miranda resident of the city of Manila in the Philippines. Albert sings popular in his country, a love song. But his cat named Mimi does not approve of vocal exercises master. She tries quietly to sleep, and as soon as Miranda takes another note, Mimi jumps up angrily, reproachfully looking at him or even making threatening attempts to get close to him on the pillow. When the guy falls silent, the cat also calms down. But the owner continues to test her patience. In the end, the nerves Mimi finally pass, and she begins to bite albert’s elbow.

“This cat won’t let me sing! What’s wrong with my singing?”, — posted by Filipino.

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