The owner sent his dog into the shop because could not go outside due to coronavirus

The owner sent his dog to the store because I couldn’t go outside because of the coronavirus Author: Ilona Faure Coronavirus Mexico photos Хозяин отправил своего пса в магазин, потому что не мог выйти на улицу из-за коронавируса

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are trapped in their homes due to quarantine declared in connection with the coronavirus. But, at that time, as some of them have the opportunity to go out for groceries or medications, others can not step over the threshold of the apartment. Fortunately, not for all that become a barrier in communication with the outside world.

Antonio Munoz from Mexico, where to date, recorded 387 cases of coronavirus, found an unusual way to go shopping without leaving home. When on the third day in quarantine, he wanted chips Cheetos, the man enlisted the help of… his dog.

Yes, you understood correctly. Tiny Chihuahua went to the store for the owner.

“Dear seller, — stated in the note attached to the back of the dog — please sell my dog Cheetos: only orange, and not red, they are too sharp. I attached to the collar $20 to pay for”.

“Keep in mind — warned the man at the end of the message — she bites if it’s bad to go”.

Fortunately, the dog was able to safely perform the task assigned to it by the owner. Antonio even took the time of the return of PES and has published in social networks photo, which the Chihuahua holds the teeth in the bag of Cheetos.

No doubt: that’s what real heroes and born winners.

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