The paradox of Israel, vaccination leader and cases rise

The paradox of Israel, vaccination leader and cases rise

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The paradox of Israel, vaccination leader and cases rise

Israel was one of the countries that managed to implement an inoculation program that raised admiration among the rest of the nations. Thus, in February at least 50% of its citizens They had a dose on and coronavirus cases were low.

But everything changed from July, when infections began to increase again and in early September more than 10,000 infections were reported daily. To stop this spread, the authorities decided to inject a booster dose: initially it was intended for people over 60 years of age, but it has now been expanded to younger groups.


One of the main problems in Israel it has been vaccination coverage, As Micheal Head, a global health researcher at the University of Southampton in England, stated: “There have been no clear interruptions in the supply of vaccines, so factors such as hesitancy or access to medical care may have been a problem. For example, there is evidence that acceptance is lower among Arab and ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups. “

Around the 30% of its population is unvaccinated, making about 2.7 million people susceptible to infection. Likewise, other factors have influenced this increase in positives. One of them is the Delta variant, which seems to have evaded part of the vaccine protection.

Another possible cause is decreased immunity generated by the Pfizer remedy, which was initially the only one administered in Israel: “That’s what was driving the wave,” he noted. Eran Segal, a professor who advises the Israeli Executive on coronavirus matters.

End of restrictions

The end of the restrictions has also influenced the change in situation. That’s what the Dr. Asher Salmon, director of the Department of International Relations of the Israeli Ministry of Health, who suggested in July that Israel “It may have lifted the restrictions too soon.”

Possible fourth dose

If Israel was already a pioneer with the third dose, it can also be with a possible fourth. As revealed the director general of the Ministry of Health, Nachman Ash, are making preparations to ensure that they have a sufficient supply of vaccines in In case a fourth round of COVID-19 injections is needed: “We do not know when it will happen. I hope very much that it will not be in six months, like this time, and that the third dose lasts longer. “