The parking lots at Šerlich in Orlické hory are full again

The parking lots at Šerlich in Orlické hory are full again

The parks at Erlich in the Orlick Mountains are full again

Illustrative photo – On January 30, 2021, police officers supervised traffic at the parking lot under Šerlich in the Deštné Orlické Mountains.

Deštné in the Orlické Mountains (Rychnov Region) – This morning, tourists and skiers completely filled the parking lot near Šerlich on the ridge of the Orlické Mountains. The police control the traffic in such a way that the road from Deštného in Orlické hory via Šerlich to Orlické Záhoří remains a through road. There were no traffic problems in the Krkonoše and Orlické Hory resorts in the Hradec Králové region this morning. Police spokeswoman Eva Prachařová told ČTK. The mountain saddle near Šerlich, through which the important regional road from Deštné to Orlické Záhoří leads, is a popular starting point for ridge skiing and hiking trails.

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“The parking lots near Šerlich are occupied, drivers no longer park there. That's why we regulate traffic, we only allow cars that continue to Orlické Záhoří,” Prachařová told ČTK in the morning.

The same traffic situation near Šerlich was also on Saturday, the parking lots did not become available until after 3:00 p.m. In addition to the masses of cross-country skiers and hikers, in recent years downhill skiers, who head from the Šerlich saddle to the pistes in the nearby Polish resort of Zieleniec, go to Šerlich. The police advise that people who head to the ridges around Šerlich on weekends by car should leave the vehicle parked in Deštné and use the shuttle bus service from there.

At Šerlich at an altitude of 1,027 meters above sea level, according to the mountain service, it was morning around zero, cloudy and over half a meter of snow. Gradually during the day the cloud cover broke. The ridges of the Orlické Mountains offer ideal skiing conditions for cross-country skiers, with tens of kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks prepared there.

The parking lots in the mountain pass between Šerlich and Velka Deštna at an altitude of 990 meters above sea level have a small capacity. When it fills up, drivers try to park where they shouldn't, along the transit road, which can block the passage of buses, road patrol vehicles, but also components of the integrated rescue system.