The Patriots will win their sixth Super Bowl by beating the Rams 13-3

Les Patriots remportent leur sixième Super Bowl en battant les Rams 13-3

Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images North America / Agence France-Presse
The Patriots of New England have won the 53rd Super Bowl.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will now need a second hand to show off their rings the Super Bowl.

Brady got 262 yards passing, the defense Belichick has held up and the Patriots of New England defeated the Rams of Los Angeles, 13-3, Sunday night, at the 53rd Super Bowl.

The duo Brady-Belichick has won a sixth Super Bowl, but this was not the kind of game expected in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The fans believed to be witnesses of a duel of explosive between two of the four best attacks in the NFL, but it is ultimately the team’s more opportunistic, which is saved with the trophy Vince-Lombardi.

The rusher Sony Michel has managed a touchdown from two yards out midway in the fourth quarter to give the lead 10-3 in the Patriots. It was his sixth major in the course of this series, which is a record for a rookie.

The half inserted Rob Gronkowski, who was maybe his last game in career in the NFL, has set the table for the hit Michel with a spectacular caught for 29 yards to the door of the goals.

Quarterback Jared Goff has had the opportunity to replicate and allow the Rams to tie the game, but he slipped while attempting a pass in the box and the ball has completed its impetus in the hands of the half a corner of the Patriots Stephon Gilmore.

The kicker of the Patriots Stephen Gostkowski put the game out of reach with only 76 seconds to go by kicking a booted precision of 41 yards.

Brady completed 21 of his 35 passes and he has been the victim of an interception. Michel carried the ball 18 times for gains of 94 yards, while receiver Julian Edelman has carried out 10 caught for gains of 141 yards. Edelman has also been named the most valuable player of the match.

Goff has seen 19 of his 38 passes to be entered to win air for 229 yards. The duo of Todd Gurley and C. J. Anderson was not able to carry the attack of the Rams and has amassed 57 yards in 17 races.

The two teams had faced one another in February 2002, when the Rams played in St. Louis. The Patriots have won the sixth Super Bowl in their history, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers at the top of the NFL in this chapter.

Even if the Rams have won the draw, these are the Patriots who have been able to start in attack in the first. Brady and his teammates have stepped up in enemy territory, but the quarterback has launched a bad pass, which, after having been folded, has been intercepted by Cory Littleton.

This turnaround would have been able to set the tone for the troop, Sean McVay, but the attack has never been able to find his rhythm. Unable to establish the ground game, the Rams turned to the aerial game, but Goff has mostly been pressed by the defensive line of the Patriots.

The Patriots were not longer glittering with the ball, even if they have made a few appearances in the enemy area. After having orchestrated a sequence to the attack of 11 games and 45 yards, Brady has seen Gostkowski miss a placement of 46 yards. Before this failure, the botteurs of the NFL had been perfect in 31 attempts kick for accuracy at Mercedes-Benz Stadium this season.

It was not until the beginning of the second quarter to see the first points in the 53rd Super Bowl. Gostkowski is redeemed in the culmination of a series offensive of the seven games of the Patriots by sending the ball between the posts for a distance of 42 yards.

This is, however, the only good moments of offensive that supporters have had to put in the tooth in the first half, while there have been no less than eight punt, including six by the Rams.

After four other punt to start the second half, Goff has led the attack by varying the games and the Rams were able to settle in the interior of the line 30 to the Patriots. After a beautiful defensive play of the half corner Jason McCourty, who caused them to lose the ball to the receiver Brandin Cooks while he was alone in the end zone, the linebacker Dont’has Hightower has managed his second sack of the meeting.

Greg Zuerlein has finally entered the Rams in the scoring thanks to a long investment of 53 yards, which tied it 3-3. The score remained unchanged and it was the lowest total of points after three quarters in the history of the Super Bowl.


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