The Pentagon will give money for the construction of the destroyer on the boundary wall

Пентагон передаст деньги для строительства эсминца на пограничную стену

The Pentagon appears poised to attract funding for the creation of new military ships from Austal USA and redirect the money to build the border wall, defended by President Donald trump (Donald Trump).

Senator of Alabama, Doug Jones confirmed the report, published Thursday by news website Politico, which says that the Pentagon expects to pick up $ 3.8 billion allocated for the purchase of fighter jets, ships and other military equipment, to pay the costs of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. Jones is on the Committee on armed services of the Senate, and its members received a notice about this a few days ago.

“This is a serious question, – said Jones. – Trump takes the money on ships, planes, drones – all this is important for our national security.”

The Republican Senator from Alabama Richard Shelby said that Democrats “left the President little choice in the search of funds necessary for the construction of the wall”. So the administration is forced to cut some military spending.

Of a specified amount of 261 million dollars was recently allocated to Austal for the construction of the 15th expeditionary destroyer. These ships, designated as the EPF, which can carry troops and equipment in undeveloped ports with shallow draft.

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