The plan worked: Travis Scott is jealous of Kylie Jenner to the Drake

Travis Scott is a man of few words when it comes to his personal life. So what about the supposed link her ex-lover Kylie Jenner with rapper Drake even buddies says very little.

План сработал: Трэвис Скотт ревнует Кайли Дженнер к Дрейку

In October, the Network appeared rumors that the 22-year-old Kylie Jenner, after parting with Travis Scott, twisted new novel. And not with anyone anyhow, and with popular all over the world rapper Drake.

“She spent a lot of time with Drake and his friends. She rapped and danced next to the birthday boy. Kylie and Drake danced together, but it seemed that there’s a connection,” told the insider about how was the party on the occasion of the birthday of the performer of the hit Hotline Bling.

The sources also noted that Kylie, which is usually not delayed to such events, this time left one of the latter.

After a couple months finally became known, as this is a 27-year-old Travis Scott which is not just a former lover of Kylie, but still, for a moment, the father of her daughter Stormy.

“Travis was never in awe of the fact that Kylie is hanging out with other guys. He is very protective of her,” said the insider edition of People. So terse and to the point.

Recall, Kylie and Travis became happy parents of a daughter Stormy February 1, 2018. The founder of the beauty Empire, notes that the baby now is Scott priority.

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