The play The Three Musketeers, which made Divadlo Alfa famous worldwide, is awaiting its 500th reprise

The play The Three Musketeers, which made Divadlo Alfa famous worldwide, is awaiting its 500th reprise

The play Three men and women, which made Divadlo Alfa famous worldwide, is waiting for 500. repríza

Plzeňské Divadlo Alfa will present the 500th reprise of its most famous production The Three Musketeers. The puppet play has traveled the world and is one of the most successful in the world.

Pilsen – The most famous performance of the Alfa Theater in Pilsen, the puppet grotesque Three Musketeers, will have its 500th reprise in June. In the theater's more than fifty-year history, there is no other play that has been performed so often, in so many places in the world, and that has collected so many awards. Although almost 20 years have passed since the premiere, there is still great interest in The Three Musketeers at home and abroad, theater director Jakub Hora told ČTK.

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The production based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, directed by Tomáš Dvořák, with sets by Ivan Nesveda and dramaturgy by Pavel Vašíček, had its premiere in Pilsen in April 2006. “Although the performance originated in such a random form from a classic Dumas novel, it became a worldwide success by combining it with film grotesque. Since 2007, it has performed in about 38 countries around the world, it has won dozens of awards, including the most prestigious Czech ones. And it actually made Alfa famous all over the world,” Hora said.

With the Three Musketeers, Alfa traveled all over Europe, visited the United States, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. “The show is incredibly popular even after all this time, and I dare to say that there has never been a puppet show like this in the world. That's why it's always alive and timeless. I go to a lot of festivals, I've seen most of the world's festivals, but I've actually never seen a show this good he hasn't seen anywhere in the world,” Hora said.

According to him, the production is also a success thanks to the fact that it is understood by audiences all over the world. During rehearsals, a universal language was created and the actors mainly use interjections and internationally known words such as dej? vu, faux pas and the like. “And we always learn some words in the specific language of that country, but there is actually not that much speaking. It really works through interjections,” Hora added. The play also includes songs, sung to the live accompaniment of harmonica, bagpipes and drums.

The play, intended for audiences aged nine and over, won 21 awards and two nominations from domestic and foreign theater shows, for example awards from the Skupova Plzeň puppetry festival , the Erik award, nomination for the annual Alfréd Radok Theater Award, the title Production of the Year 2006 in the Divadelní noviny poll. From abroad, she brought prizes from festivals in Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. The five hundredth and five hundredth first reprise will be performed by the theater in the morning and evening of June 19.