The Plenary of Mazarrón today authorizes 10 million for urban improvements and equipment

The Plenary of Mazarrón today authorizes 10 million for urban improvements and equipment

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The Plenary of Mazarrón today authorizes 10 million for urban improvements and equipment

The Plenary of Mazarrón today authorizes 10 million for urban improvements and equipment

The 23-project package includes the Casino, La Purísima garden and the new tourist office

The Plenary of Mazarrón today authorizes 10 million for urban improvements and equipment

The government team, made up of the PSOE and the Independent Union of Mazarrón (UIDM), approved today in plenary session a credit modification to carry out investments in the municipality worth 9.8 million euros, from the remaining treasury . The idea of ​​the local government is to improve infrastructure, fix streets and avenues, increase services and add value to historic buildings that are abandoned.

The planned investment block consists of 23 actions that will take place until the end of 2022, although some of the works, foreseeably, “will take a little longer,” explained Mayor Gaspar Miras. “Our goal is that both the Port and the town have better services, and that the municipality enhances its image as a destination,” he added.

Among the actions, the purchase, by the Consistory, of two emblematic buildings stands out. The first of these is the acquisition of the old union building, for 140,000 euros. This farm, located next to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, “will house municipal offices in the future.” The second building, whose operation will amount to 80,000 euros, is located on Calle Ceballos. “This is a protected property that we cannot tear down. Therefore, we are going to buy it and rehabilitate it. Our idea is that it houses the Department of Archives and Libraries, in addition to having study rooms and other dependencies, ”said the first mayor.

The operation will also allow the purchase of the union building and a protected house on Ceballos street

Another of the star projects is the rehabilitation of the Ateneo Cultura –the Casino–, with an investment of 1.4 million euros to make it open to visitors. It also highlights the construction of the new tourist office in Plaza Toneleros (930,000 euros), the creation of an environmental interpretation center at the Bolnuevo school (395,000 euros), the expansion of the Majada medical office (120,000 euros), the development of the La Purísima garden (more than a million), the renewal of the drinking water network of the Port and the town (300,000 euros) and the adaptation of the Las Moreras wetlands (124,000 euros).

Regarding infrastructures, the local government will allocate 1.6 million to the rehabilitation and development of streets in the Port, such as asphalting, signaling, creating sidewalks, improving lighting and sanitation in José Alarcón avenues. , Doctor Meca and Mediterranean. Similar works will be carried out in the town, with an injection of 256,000 euros, in more than a dozen streets and spaces. One of the actions will be the rehabilitation of the Plaza del Convento. «It is also worth mentioning the asphalting and the creation of sidewalks on Avenida de Los Cobachos (808,000 euros), the improvement of drainage and the road surface at various points in Alamillo (103,900 euros) and a new drinking water tank in Cañada de Romero (1 , 2 million) “, said Miras. This action plan also includes “increasing road signs and installing speed bumps throughout the municipality” with 185,000 euros, as well as equipping the body of Local Police officers with drones so that they can carry out more surveillance tasks (30,000 euros).

The rehabilitation of rural roads will take almost 200,000 euros, and also a program of aid will be launched for those affected by ERTE, with 550,000 euros, and another for long-term unemployed, with a total of 120,000 euros.

Criticisms of the PP and Cs for “not approving one by one the actions”

PP and Cs criticized yesterday that the Mazarrón government team, made up of the PSOE and UIDM, brings to the Plenary “a credit modification with which a battery of block measures is approved, and without being able to debate one by one.” The PP spokesperson, Alicia Jiménez, recalled that “this modification was already carried out a month ago and it remained on the table because a series of reports were missing.”

Jiménez added that, within the investments, some are necessary, but others are dispensable. And we do not understand why the local government does not bring the Plenary one by one to debate and vote separately.

Marisol Vivancos (Cs) regretted that “investments must be approved one by one.” And Vox spokesman Carlos Corbalán declined to comment on the credit modification proposed by the local government.