The police charged a 25-year-old man with the murder of a woman in Chotěbor

The police charged a 25-year-old man with the murder of a woman in Chotěbor

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Jihlava – The police in Vysočina accused a 25-year-old man of murdering a 30-year-old woman from the Olomouc region. Her body was found on Friday morning in Chotěboř in Havlíčkobrodsk. The man faces a prison sentence of ten to 18 years in prison. He confessed to the crime and is in custody. Pavel Kubiš, head of the general crime department of the regional police in Vysočina, told journalists today.

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According to him, the woman was suffocated. He did not want to give further details about the exact cause of her death or the motive for the murder in view of the further investigation, but the murder was probably not planned. The woman lived in Jesenice. She apparently only knew the accused man for a short time. Before that, she lived in other places in the Czech Republic. She was the mother of an infant being cared for by her grandmother. The man has not yet been prosecuted, the woman was tried for a minor crime.

People found the woman's body in the bushes in Smetana Street in Chotěboř early in the morning. “That place was so surprising to us, because the victim was lying in a place where, from a layman's point of view, one would say that if someone had harmed her, why would they put her in this place, or why would they kill her here, because she was offering herself there too a lot of better places to possibly keep the body,” Kubiš said.

According to him, it was necessary to find out the identity of the woman as quickly as possible, because it was obvious that she had recently given birth to a child. The police were concerned that the child was somewhere without care. Therefore, they published a photo of the woman's face and distinctive tattoo. According to Kubiš, the public reacted quickly, and it was soon possible to verify the identity of the woman and the fact that her son is with her grandmother.

The police checked people living in the vicinity where the body was found. “We tried to talk to all the tenants, to everyone who opened the door to us. We were also looking for a twenty-five-year-old man who lived in one of the entrances directly in front of the place where the body was found,” said Kubiš. According to him, at first there were no leads to the man. “We were interested in him like dozens of other people,” Kubiš said. According to him, the man subsequently confirmed that he knew the woman, that she was in his apartment. But he told the police that she left him at night. The next day, the police searched his home and verified his statement on camera footage. “In the evening hours on Saturday, we somehow managed to break the evidentiary situation or direct it in a specific way. Our suspicions against the young man were confirmed when he also confessed that the woman was at his house and he killed her there. He then took the body away in front of the house, where he put it in the bushes,” Kubiš said.

According to earlier information, the police investigated four acts classified as murder in Vysočina last year, one of which was completed. The case from Chotěbor is the first murder in the region this year.