The police proposed to indict a group of foreigners, who were robbing family homes on a large scale

The police proposed to indict a group of foreigners, who were robbing family homes on a large scale


Police car – illustration photo.

Hradec Králové – The police proposed to the District Attorney's Office in Náchod to charge a gang of four foreigners from countries outside the European Union with theft and other acts. A group of men between the ages of 22 and 25 caused over 2.5 million crowns of damage by stealing from family homes in four regions of the Czech Republic from March to September 2022, the police reported today on their website. Members of the group were charged with a total of 28 crimes. In addition to the Hradec Králové region, they are responsible for thefts in family homes in the Liberec, Central Bohemia and South Bohemia regions. Some houses were stolen while the owners were in them, according to police information.

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“Foreigners targeted jewelry and cash in large numbers in family homes,” said Magdaléna Vlčková, spokeswoman for the Regional Police Directorate in Hradec Králové.

The group was detained in the fall of last year by the intervention unit. The police charged the detained man with theft, trespassing and damage to property. If found guilty and convicted, they face up to eight years in prison. The four men are in custody.

They entered family homes through windows and doors in a violent manner. “In some cases, they broke into homes even when the owners were at home. The selection of objects was random, the target was primarily more valuable properties located in the outskirts of cities,” the police said.

In family homes, they focused mainly on cash, small items and jewelry. “In addition to a considerable amount of jewelry, they also took atypical or curious things. As loot, they should also have taken away, for example, Easter chocolate figurines, small perfumery goods, tools, a tent and a lot of small electronics,” said Vlčková.

Criminalists also discovered that the accused behaved professionally when committing the crime and, as members of an organized group, had divided tasks and a well-planned plan. “During the investigation, it was found that the perpetrators changed several vehicles in a short time, in which they then moved around the territory of the Czech Republic and often used them to sleep in,” said one of the criminalists.

The file, which it is related to the activities of a four-member gang, has approximately 3,000 pages, and the police officers of the Regional Directorate of the Police of the Hradec Králové Region and the Náchod Territorial Department dedicated a total of thousands of hours of work to clarifying it. “In the last year, this is one of the most extensive cases of property crime, which exceeded the border of the Hradec Králové region,” said ČTK Vlčková today.